Who is Brit Sosalla?

Who is Brit Sosalla? Is he a first round selection? Yes. Is he a fast-tracking CBL superstar? ALSO, YES! Brit Sosalla is a 2036 Amateur Draft, 16th overall selectee out of Lufkin, Texas, who is also a future backstop and opposing pitchers nightmare, in the CBL. Coincidently, he’s also Portland’s number one prospect, at least that’s what Portland’s lead scout thinks. “Brit holds big league power with pee wee speed, good thing Big Brit can hit it a country mile, cause there isn’t a double he’s legging out,” joked Portland’s lead scout.

 Just shy of his 23rd birthday Brit has earned some high praise from his future big league home in Portland, “He’s one of my favorite hitters,” new GM David Pacileo shared during his introductory press conference, “He has a powerful line drive swing that can produce sooner rather than later in the CBL,” he added. While Brit Sosalla hasn’t had a big league at bat yet, he flourished last season in AA ball producing a positive 3.3 WAR until getting moved up to AAA ball, with the Hillsboro Hopes where he boasted a .350 batting average, making an immediate impact in an already strong lineup.

Currently Brit offers spectacular ratings, such as a 57 in contact, 83 in gap power, 50 in home run power, 70 in eye discipline, and 50 in strikeout avoidance. “I feel like I’m just scratching the surface on who I can be as a hitter,” Sosalla answered just after cranking a 500 foot home run at his old high school here in Lufkin. Sosalla also provides great defense behind the plate, with a 76 in catcher ability, and a 66 in arm strength, “I’d love to think I add to every aspect of the game,” he added, “Except on the base paths,” CF Jesus Sanchez jokingly added. Jesus Sanchez has taken Brig under his wing here in Texas this offseason, “I think Brit has the tools to step in tomorrow and challenges every catcher shooting for a gold glove and silver slugger, ” Sanchez added. Brit provides minimal to no impact on the base paths, providing not a single speed trait in the double digits, unfortunately.  

Sure, he may not be a 5-tool catcher, but Portland and his teammates believe Brit Sosalla can be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.  So again, I ask you, who is Brit Sosalla? Is he just hopes and dreams, or is going to be a future MVP? Portland expects Sosalla to step in sometime during the 2038 season and stay there until the day he retires, “We have expressed to Big Brit that he’s expected to step in soon and produce at a high level, almost immediately, in fact,” new GM Pacileo expressed. Man, I don’t know who is more nervous me, or mom and dad back home in Lufkin, Texas, but along with Portland I’m excited to see where Big Brit lands in 2038 and beyond.

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