Trouble in Bat City

With nicknames of Bat City, Waterloo, City Of The Violet Crown to name a few, Austin might have a new nickname soon. Bad blood already boiling over for the Austin Bats and their new manager John Urick. Jose Nieto and Robinson Castaneda got into it over the past week as the Bats went 0 – 3 against the rebranded Liberty.

Nieto was quoted as saying, “It’s his fault we’re losing ballgames. I was just trying to let him know that he (Castaneda) needs to play better, and he took offense to it.” Some other members of the Bats had to step in and calm down the situation but many of those in the clubhouse were puzzled as to what Nieto was talking about. Castaneda only pitched 0.1 of an inning giving up no runs while Nieto pitched 3.1 innings and gave up 4 runs only 1 being charged to him.

Members of the media have spoken to some players off the record and wonder if Urick is the man to lead the Bats to a cup in 2030. They are stacked with talent and young enough to compete for years to come but clubhouse unity is key to any successful team. We are only 3 games into the season and already the city of Austin is calling their Bats, the Biteless Bats.


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