GM Change in Indianapolis

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Tuesday October 31st 2034

It was announced this morning that the Indianapolis Arrows have come to terms with a new GM. The man to take the reins will be Jeffrey Everroad. Everroad took over the Colorado Gold Sox last season and took them to a 73-89 season and finishing 6th in the Division while the Arrows finished 10th. He is a fellow Hoosier who was born and raised in North Vernon Indiana, which is 67 miles south of Indianapolis just west of Seymour off of I65. One fun tidbit that the older generation would know, Seymour is birthplace of John Cougar Mellencamp. For the younger Arrow fans, Mellencamp’s music can be found on your parents oldies station.

So why would Mr Everroad swap a middle of the pack team for the 100 loss Arrows? “It was the wife’s doing.” said the new GM. “Colorado is beautiful but she was homesick. Indiana is where we are from and where we have family. So once the Arrows job came open, I knew I better jump on it.”

There were some rumors coming from Colorado that Jeffrey had even talked to Gold Sox owner about moving them to Louisville to be closer to his home state. When asked if there was any truth to that, he said “Unfortunately I can’t comment on rumors & innuendo.”

Everroad will have a steep hill to climb to make the Arrows competitive. The Arrows have not finished better then 5th since the team then known as the Regina Reapers moved to Indianapolis and became the Arrows in 2027. The Arrows have a 8 season record of 420-760 (that number isn’t exactly accurate, statslab wasn’t updated with final totals for this season) with 0 playoff appearances. He does have one big building piece in Kevin ‘International Assasin’ Garvey who lead the team in average, homeruns & run batted in. 

When you are this low, as they say there is nowhere to go but up. The question is just, how high can new management take them?

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