Fans Flock Back to Sultans

Fans in St Louis are flocking back to see the Sultans thanks to an improvement in results, a new GM and lower ticket prices. “We had to do something to fill the stadium,” said new GM Phil Doyle to the media on Saturday. “When I arrived fan interest in the team was at rock bottom. We knew we had to do something to give fans a reason to come. The easiest way was to lower the ticket price.”

The Sultans sold over 10,000 season tickets, a 138% increase on the 4,000 sold last season. Which has increased revenue and so far, the average home attendance is 29,500 compared to 7,800 last time around. Ticket prices dropped from $16.25 to $10.

“Obviously having more home fans in the ground gives the team a boost and also helps us financially too. We anticipate that we will generate an extra $7 million this year compared to last year. That could make a huge difference to the franchise.”

Doyle will be hoping the Sultans can maintain their early season form. The Sultans currently sit at 12-13. The team target is to finish at .500. Fans have also been impressed with the new additions to the team and hope there are more to come.

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Erik Voldness

Great to see you focus on the small details, Phil. The Sultans are in good hands.

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