Doyle takes over Sultans

The Baseball world was rocked on Sunday by the surprise announcement that GM Phil Doyle had been fired by the California Dreamers. But then the news came through that Doyle had been appointed GM with the St Louis Sultans. A week is a long time in the CBL!

Doyle was introduced to the local press in St Louis on Monday morning and was happy to talk about the last 48 hours. “It’s been quite a whirlwind time. I sat down with David (Geffen, Dreamers Owner) on Saturday and after some lengthy discussions decided it was best if I left the organisation. He was looking to push the team on to further success whilst also spending less money. I reminded him that several of the current roster were nearing big pay days, but this was something he wasn’t going to move on. We left on good terms, but it was something I knew I couldn’t work with. I wish the Dreamers every success in the future and hope that maybe someday in the future there is a Premier Series between the Sultans and the Dreamers.”

It later emerged that the owner of the Dreamers alerted his Sultans counterpart of the availability of Doyle.

“Yeah, David gave Mr Espinosa a call and I was able to have a very productive chat. That ended with a job offer and I was only too happy to accept.”

“I am aware that this is a failing ball club, but I’m also aware of the excellent individuals within the organisation who deserve to be on a winning team. Mr Espinosa is keen to create a winning ball club and has given me his full support to do so. Obviously changes will need to take place, but we will have to take stock of what we have here before we make any big decisions.”

Doyle finished with a rallying call to the people of St Louis to get behind their team and help bring success to the city.

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Jeffrey Everroad

Glad to see I’m not the only one crazy enough to leave a mid tier team to take over a 100 loss team. LOL Granted the Dreamers were 12 wins better then my Gold Sox and the Sultans were 10 wins better then the Arrows.

Tim Imasa

Man, Phil got 25 years younger after moving to STL! Haha! Just check the featured photo on his last post. 🙂

Erik Voldness

LOL Tim! Enjoyed all the articles Phil, appreciate the storyline of you getting “fired”, best of luck with the Sultans!

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