Dawgs Ship Sale For Alaniz and Crick

SAN DIEGO — Dawgs snuck in a trade before the trade deadline concluded, and it was a big one. Multiple sources had confirmed that Dawgs’ top pitcher, Chris Sale was off the market few weeks ago. However, two minutes prior to the trade deadline, Dawgs pulled the trigger and shipped their Ace to the defending champs, Vallejo Admirals for Ruben Alaniz and Kyle Crick. When the media asked questioned GM Imasa on why he decided to trade Sale last minute:

“Well, Chris (Sale) was on the block for some time, but we did not get the deal that we wanted. As for Chris (Sale), obviously he wasn’t happy about it as he likes this team and city so much. I did explain to Chris (Sale) though, why we decided to do that and he understood it. No bad blood between us, I can tell you guys that right now.” Imasa said. “After we week or so, we decided to pull him back and told reporters that he won’t be moved this season. Vallejo called last minute, and gave us an offer that we believe benefits both teams, so we decided to pull the trigger. I think it’ll be good for Chris (Sale) as they have a good chance for getting into the playoffs this year. And for us, we got two solid pitchers that can help solidify our rotation today and in the future. I think it’s win-win for both clubs.” Imasa added.

Let’s see what the Dawgs get for giving up their staff Ace:

Ruben Alaniz – He definitely got some Ace-stuff in his repertoire, but he needs to be consistent to get the label, “Ace” of the club. This season, he’s sporting a  4.52 ERA, 147 Ks and 3.93 FIP in 22 starts.

Kyle Crick – Many believe that Crick was the main piece of the trade. Comparing him to Alaniz, Alaniz has better “stuff” than Crick, but Crick has been consistent all year, sporting 2.83 ERA with 94 Ks in 31 games played.

This deal brought stability in the Dawgs rotation for years to come. The Dawgs are now focused on improving their offense as season comes to a close.

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Scott Entsminger

Sale for 2 quality pitchers and 1 being Kyle Crick. Great Trade

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