Dawgs Prospects Who Could Make An Impact in 2019

SP Kyle Krick – Krick, 25, was acquired from Vallejo in a blockbuster trade for Chris Sale. Krick posted a 4.03 ERA and 44 strikeouts as a Dawg in 7 starts. There is nothing groundbreaking about his numbers this season, but look for Krick to be in the top of the rotation come opening day in 2019.

SP Kohl Stewart – Stewart was somewhat of a surprised last season. Many people was not sure how his game will translate in CBL after putting up some decent numbers in Triple-A. However, he put up a respectable numbers this season. He posted a 3.96 ERA and 52 strikeouts, in 14 starts. Expect Stewart to be in the middle of the pack next season.

C Chase Vallot –  Vallot, 22, was a big disappointment last season as he batted  a mild .232/.311/.410. He finished second in the team with 19 home runs, however and he drove in 54 runners. The team has not given up on Vallot just yet. They are hoping for Vallot to have a big Spring Training next year, otherwise, demotion is not out of the question.

SS Rizal Verdaguer – “The Dagger” had a nice season last year in the minors (.325/.377/.444 in Triple-A), but his stats has not translated to CBL just yet. In addition, right after his call up, he got hurt right away and was out for 3 months. Certainly, did not help his development in CBL. Verdaguer is still expected to start at short stop next season regardless.

SP Scott Blewett – Blewett was acquired last season via trade that sent Billy Hamilton to Syracuse. Blewett had a slow start in Triple-A but he did improve towards the end of the season. He ended up posting a 4.66 ERA with 126 strikeouts in 30 starts.

RF  Zack Collins – The former first-round pick had a good season Double-A this year after a successful season in Single-A last year. Collins slashed .297/.431/.442 with 12 home runs and 62 runs batted in. Collins almost made it to the bigs last season when he put up good numbers in Spring Training. Perhaps, this is the year for Collins to make it, especially that there is a lot of question marks in the outfield next season.

1B Kevin Cron – Cron have an interesting career in the Minors right now to say the least. He was moved around a lot over the years to find his sweet spot, but it looks like he did find it in Double-A last season. He slashed for .304/.383/.554 with 22 home runs and 78 runs batted in to help the Missions push for the playoffs. Many believed that he was considered to play at 1B next season for the Dawgs and leapfrog Sam Travis, who’s been waiting for his shot in Triple-A for a couple of years now. Both players are expected to battle it out in the Spring Training.


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