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Is 1st Overall Actually Valuable?

*Disclaimer: I am looking at the 2014-2039 drafts. I’ve omitted the 2040 and 2041 since there’s barely any data on those players. Even the


Spring Training Interview with CBL GMs

Editors Note: I apologize for any bad grammar or spelling. Edited this after a long day of school and work.

CBL Predictions

Possible Free Agent Destinations and Offseason Trade Rumors

The 2025-2026 off season is here and the list of free agents looks intriguing for any team. There are seasoned

CBL Vancouver Canadians

Canadians Mid Season Update: Interview With Canadians Players, GM Courcelles On Being First GM 700 wins

The Vancouver Canadians are arguably the hottest team in the CBL right now. They’ve been 1st in all major team

Vancouver Canadians

Vancouver All Star Break Review

Fernandez walks into Nat Bailey park around 10 AM PST Friday morning, coming back from the All Star break where he

Vancouver Canadians

2 Time Cy Young Winner Roy Halladay Purchases Vancouver Canadians

This morning the Vancouver Canadians were officially purchased by Roy Halladay and the sale was announced at 10 AM PST.

Vancouver Canadians

Canadians 2017 Review

2017 Season Review Another CBL season over and once again the Canadians finished last in their division. The team started

CBL Predictions

Vancouver Canadians: First 1/4 Update and Review, Predictions for Season

The Vancouver Canadians are surprising many people 1/4 into the new implemented 162 game season. Many people around baseball had

Vancouver Canadians

Shields traded to Vancouver, ‘Tank’ gone to Altoona

After the news of Dalton Pompey being called up spawned lots of media attention and buzz around the Canadians clubhouse,

Vancouver Canadians

Canadian Dalton Pompey to make Canadians debut in Vancouver!

Lots of news in Vancouver today. A plethora of changes to the team and organization happened in less than 24