2026 Season Predictions – West Side Edition

HL West

Richardson City Bloodravens 

2022 Richardson City Blood Raven

Predicted Record: 88-74 2nd place


Let me start out by saying there’s a reason I used RC’s last championship banner as there picture. The team is ALWAYS on my radar to win it all. Every year I wonder if the Bloodravens will crumble but every year they are one of the premier teams in the league.

Young Guys looking to be the next wave in the dynasty are here! Alfredo Espinosa is a guy to watch on this team as he’s got the stuff to compete with every hitter and he’s had a year in the pen to help pave his way to the CBL. GM Imran has used this technique before with young pitchers and it seems to always work out.

Another player everyone should keep an eye on in RC is 1st basemen Gilberto Lopez. Lopez puts on a show in batting practice hitting balls the look like they’ll give the moon a black eye. His pop and patience is something teams should fear!

All and all I think RC makes playoffs again and will be right back competing for the prestigious Premier Cup.


Portland Panthers 


Predicted Record: 91-71 1st place

A NEW AGE in Portland! Long time GM Phil has left the station to take part in a new “project” leaving newbie GM Don at the helm. Phil certainly didn’t leave Don empty handed though as his team looks to be a powerhouse once again. Portland made the Premier Cup last season only to lose to Charlotte. Well let me tell ya sky is the limit this season for Portland once again.

SP Charles King is a player to watch on this young but well crafted Portland team. King has been a prospect many have watched for many seasons now but last year finally seemed to be his breakout season. His stuff has always been marvelous but he was hitting his spots and pitching with more confidence last season and became and intrigual part in Portland late season run!

Another player to watch surprisingly comes out of Portlands bullpen. Sandy Anderson looks to be a guy that could propel Portlands pen to be one of the best in baseball. If he got innings upwards of 75+ innings it’d be fun to see the statistics the lefty would put up.

Portland is once again a powerhouse and by the looks of their roster it should stay that way for quite sometime… move over RC and new dynasty is brewing…

Colorado Goldsox

PJ Benton

Predicted Record: 84-78 3rd place

A much quieter offseason for the Sox but still a formidable team. My predictions last season said that Colorado would start off slow and pick up once they learned to play well together and that was certainly the case. Colorado was one of the best teams at the end of the season and if it wasn’t for a killer last month they’d fine themselves making playoffs for the first time in franchise history

Colorado has one of my favorite and best pitching talents in the league in young RHP Garrett Gooden. Gooden looked to be risen from the dead last season, he was one of the best arms in the league after many were starting to lose hope. I would look for Gooden to put together a Bob Feller caliber year in Colorado and help his team surpass a .500 record once again.

Another player looking to help Colorado is new fan favorite Ben “the thing” Grimm. Grimm was an absolute slugger last season belting out over 30 homeruns in only his rookie campaign. Look for him to be exciting and strong in his sophomore season. When he goes the offense goes!

Colorado has a ton of talent and will have there day in the spotlight soon but this year may just been too soon…

Vallejo Admirals 

Pedro Chavez

Predicted Record: 72-90 4th place

Vallejo is always a team where I think there roster is better than there results. GM Matt has done a good job with them but there division is so strong so I’m not sure if this is the year he sees Vallejo over .500. Crazier things have happened but I’d be comfortable betting money on that fact.

Young pitching would need to propel the Admirals in order for my prediction to be outlandishly wrong. Guys like Big Ol Bo Allen, Len Edwards, Kurt Russell, Jerry Chandler, and newly signed and acquired bullpen arm Azuma need to step up in a big way.  I like there upside but is this the year all of them put it together and from something special?

Also I think Preston Broadus needs to break out for the Vallejo Admirals to make a splash. Purely looking at highlight reels it’d be easy to see why so many scouts are confident in him but then you look at stats and you see…  ick! Completely a different person than his highlight reel would let on. Can he put it together and have some offense to go with his +20 zone rating out in CF?

Austin Bats

Salvador Perez pointing to SS John Aiello after a double play.
Predicted Record: 62-100 last place 

SORRY TREY! Help is on the way but it’s not here quite yet. The roster up and down doesn’t look horrible but they have so many young players that I believe might need to figure things out before breaking out into a Premier team. Speaking on prospects alone Austin is Loaded! But there performance this year will more than likely leave a lot to be desired.

Greg Boyle is my most intriguing player to watch. Bob Feller looks to be in his horizon but how long will that take? St.Louis wasn’t kind to him but maybe Austin is the place where he flourishes? I think speaking on his stuff alone he’s got to be one of the most exciting pitchers to watch when he’s on but when he’s off… duck and cover…

Jose Ramirez is another amazing young talent to watch on this extraordinarily talented and young squad. I think Ramirez might be my favorite CBL prospect based upon versatility alone. He plays the corner outfield spots beautifully! Add that with his plus-plus contact and eye soring speed and you get a can’t miss prospect.

FL West

Dancouver Danadians 


Predicted Record: 84-78 2nd place

What?!? Under 90 wins?!? You all must think I’m crazy! Dancouver doesn’t though… Dan has been making moves to get younger and diversify talent on the sly for a little while now and moving Cobi Johnson to Altoona for Nicholas Wolfe and Alex Brantley was all the proof the league needed. I still thing the roster is good but not great…

Nicholas Wolfe is a player that could pay off in a big way for Vancouver though. He started 6-0 last season with a 3.35 only to be shelled in his last two starts. Is Vancouver going to see the first 12 start Wolfe or last 3 start Wolfe? If it’s the later this team maybe pressed for wins but if it’s the former then playoffs if could still be easily reachable.

Ed Scott is another interesting player! When on the field he’s a superstar but his injuries and the teams reluctance to let him have an everyday role has been a hinderance on his true talent. I’d love to see him play a full season and watch his bating average stay steady at .340 the whole year.

Minny Millers


Predicted Record: 102-60 1st place

Its a New Day in the frontier league! Minny is looking formidable as ever! Earlier today they traded for Jim Ape Kirkpatrick… another allstar added to the Minneapolis Allstars (Millers) GM Erik has built a team to last and a team to Smash.

Gary Sanchez just signed a deal. If he could wreck like last season Minny could meet my Prediction. He’s a guy who can be placed in any lineup and produce but with the supporting cast around him he could easily drive in 100+ runs

Brian Dobzanski (I hope that’s right) is another guy the Millers will need to rely on. We all know what a top flight starting rotation can do in the CBL and Minny looks to have one… unless Dobzanski isn’t what he’s cracked out to be. He needs to be the ace of the staff and lead this extremely stacked team to the promise land

San Diego SurfDawgs


Predicted Record 81-81 3rd place

Another year sitting at .500 will probably frustrate GM Tim Imasa but this team just doesn’t quite seem ready to get over the hump. With Minny getting better I think it may be tough for Tim and his Dawgs to play in October

Mike Smith  could be a guy who helps my Prediction look foolish. He looks like he has the potential to be a Bob Feller chaser every season. If he could breakout so can the dawgs from the .500 playpen.

Touki Toussant has bounced from team to team but I think San Diego could be his perfect fit. He compliments that rotation well and could prove to be a missing link in the success the SurfDawgs has so desperately strived for. He’ll have plenty of games to show himself against his former team as well so look for Touki vs those pesky Minny Millers!

Calgary Sting

Roman Reigns

Predicted Record 62-100 last place

Mike has done an excellent job trying to make something of this team that was left in utter shambles before him. He knows he needs patience for this project so this certainly isn’t his year but watch him utilize the draft perfectly and get his team into a heat position prospect wise in no time.

Kris Bryant is a team for many to watch. Mike has said he’s willing to retain salary so if he’s having a great year at the deadline he could be a huge target for contending teams. He’d be a perfect retail and Calgary could really use having someone they can leverage over some on the cusp teams.

California Dreamers 


Predicted Record: 72-90 4th

Out with the Old and in with the… Old! Long Time GM and CBL Idol Phil Doyle has taken his talent to Cali! Looking to build up a team in complete free fall and make them into every year contenders? Sound familiar?

Jimmy Small had a break out season last year posting a fantastic WAR and leaving the yard often. It’d be fun to see him break out again because he could also be a very fun option at the deadline for on the cusp teams. I’m sure his return would be more than Bryant’s which could really propel Phils plans forward!

Phils draft style and draft history might be something to really look into and study as a blue print for rebuilding teams. Most of his former teams talent was home grown so while this year won’t be flashy it will be a step in the right direction. I have pure faith that Phil will get this team out to the gutter in no time!



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