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Colorado Gold Sox

Zima fires Rose and promotes Tommy Shields

Zima fires Rose and promotes Tommy Shields

Just a few days after being hired as the new General Manager of Colorado Brandon Zima made is his first moves in firing manager Pete Rose Jr.

Mr. Zima followed the decision with a short press conference. “It’s a move for the future of the team. We are upset that we could not continue a partnership with Pete [Rose Jr.] but we really think that a new manager is our first step forward in building a better Gold Sox.” The Gold Sox finished in 4th place in the HL West under Rose Jr. who led the team to a 66-96 record. “There is no reason this team should’ve finished thirty games back.” Zima said.

Very shortly after the press conference it was announced that Kanab Miners manager, Tommy Shields, will get the call up from AAA and become the new CBL skipper. Shields, 54, is known to be a very personable manager who makes great relationships with his players.

“I was surprised when I got the call from Brandon [Zima]. I am very excited to be a CBL manager and specifically for this group of players. We got a lot of work ahead of us but I am confident the fans of Colorado will not be disappointed with the team’s decision.” Shields said in an interview.

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Brandon Zima
Brandon Zima | General Manager - Colorado Gold Sox

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    Welcome to Colorado, Brandon!

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