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Votto out and Kilpatrick in?

While Syracuse has 10 wins in their last 11 games rumors are circulating that Mr. 44 James “Ape” Kilpatrick will be getting called up and starting at Firstbase for the Syracuse Orange as they travel to Vallejo for a 3 game set.

Nobody from the Syracuse organization has confirmed anything nor has Kilpatrick, but one of Kilpatrick’s old high school teammates posted a Tweet late in the day that read “Grats to Ape, he belongs in the show”.  The Tweet was deleted about five minutes after it was posted.

This would be a risky move for GM Gary Currier, the way the roster looks right now the only person that would logically be moved or taken off the CBL roster would be Joey Votto, the DH who’s started every game this season.  Votto is currently on a pace to walk 100 times this season and score more than 90 runs.  While those numbers are solid, his slugging percentage has been at a weak .343 along with an equally weak .255 batting average.  With the Orange very high on team defense, Miguel Cabrera hasn’t kept up with last seasons fielding stats another area where Kilpatrick excels.

Is Kilpatrick ready for this move?  It may be debatable.  While “Ape” has hit .356 so far in about 50 games for Syracuse’s AAA affiliate Fort Lauderdale he has also had issue with extra base hits.  With only 6 doubles and 0 home runs Kilpatrick is not expected to be crushing the ball at the big league level.  Don’t let those poor numbers fool you though, Ape has walked 41 times compared to only 24 strike outs and has stolen 32 bases only being caught 5 times on a ridiculous pace of almost 100 steals during a full AAA season.

Is he ready?  Is he not?  Is he getting called up?  Is he not getting called up?  Is Votto gone?  With game time less 12 hours away we’ll have our answer quickly but if Kilpatrick is called up we can only imagine the hype we’ll be hearing from the news outlets.

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Gary Currier
Gary Currier | General Manager - Syracuse Orange.


  1. Scott Entsminger

    The “Ape” is definitely ready

  2. Tim Imasa

    I’ll be watching. I have a feeling someone will pickup Votto from waivers.

  3. Gary Currier

    Yeah, I’m sure somebody will he is still valuable with his eye. Should be interesting to see how the rest of Votto’s career pans out.

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