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Hawaii Winter Baseball

Volcano Eruptions HWB Roster

Volcano Eruptions HWB Roster

Sultans with another disappointed losing season, and while it is hard for fans to stay cheerful when major league club is sub-par, the “Loyal Subjects” as the fans like to call themselves, are quite excited for this years Hawaii Winter Baseball team. a number of these guys are familiar with each other having played in Forked River this season together. the group is a strong mix of hand picked talent via the draft, trading off of ML talent when seasons have gone south, and the select international guy that Steve Miller, current head scout, has brought into the mix. Now lets take a look at who will be reporting for the Volcano Eruptions, and focus on a few players to watch.
Lineup Highlights:
Jose Garcia: 1B/2B

Jose Garcia is still an enigma in the field, while it looks like he could possibly be OK at 2B, only 4 errors in 239 TC, he will likely play most of HWB at 1B. So far though there is no question about his hitting ability, batting .290 with Austion A+ affiliate before coming to Forked River and ripping the ball for .393. When asked about why asked about why Garcia was started out at the lower level GM Royce stated that “the fielding ability had us worried, if Garica continues to hit as well as he has he could move through the ranks quickly.” looks like the Sultans organization doesnt just want to stick the guy at DH and call a spade a spade.

Yoel Londor: SS/3B

Londor has become a major fan favorite in his short time in the organization and the club thinks it wont long before he is slotted in a 3B/SS in the majors. But wait, he is an SS? Londor will be spending this HWB learning 3B, the Sultans organization plans to not work him to hard there but want him to become more versatile. Eruptions manager Paul Menhart was thrilled to hear that Londor would be on the HWB roster, ” i really enjoy looking around the system and visiting the different teams throughout the year to see who i might be coaching in the winter.” Menhart went on to say he has a number of guys he thinks with “thrive under his supervision” and is excited to start the season.

UntitledPitching Staff Highlights :
Edgardo Nunez: CL

Nunez is still fairly new to the organization and is coming off a sub-par first season in Forked River. the club has high hopes for him based off the flashes of really strong relief play in certain outings. Nunez managed to record a strikeout in all but 1 outing of of relief, along with 10 saves and a 14.6 k/9, he earned some extra playing time in HWB.

Double Z: Zwickel and Zimba SP/RP

Double Z as they were called in Forked River make the trip to Volcano, only as RP for the club instead of the SP role they played in Forked River. Menhart wants to use them as strong relievers to try to reduce the tax on their arms for the season. “these guys are still very young so if Menhart thinks this is a good plan we trust him” said GM Royce. Zimba and Zwickel have become close friends since drafted together in this past draft, hence the nickname, “We are together quite a bit i guess, must be where the nickname came from” Zimba said.

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