Under New Management

The 2037 season has come and gone, the 94 win-playoff clinching Portland Panthers already feels like a lifetime ago. The Portland Panthers hired some new blood in the form of an unproven general manager, David Pacileo. “Today is a monumental day for me and my family, but I must finish the job that started before I even entered the building,” Pacileo mentioned during his introductory press conference. 

Upon his first task was to fire assistant GM with the previous regiment and bring his own, “Gary[Clore] is an incredible evaluator and man, and were lucky to have him,” Pacileo acknowledged when asked why the previous administration was deconstructed. Many were surprised when the GM decided to keep long tenured skipper, Ryan Stevens to ride the ship, especially after many fallouts with upcoming free agents and free agents around the leagued voiced their objective decision to not play for him, “We feel as though Ryan gives this ballclub the best chance to compete for the foreseeable future.” Its also widely spectated that David Pacileo has a stake in management and plans on potentially rebranding and possibly moving on from Portland all together. 

The speculation comes from his time working in the Nippon League and rebranding one of their longest tenured teams and winning 2 championships in 5 seasons with part ownership with official say in roster management. While it’s all speculation, the truth today is Portland is under new management, coming of a long rebuild followed by recent success, can this new GM compete in the Continental Baseball League, or he in over his head? Time will tell.

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Tim Imasa

Portland was so close from winning it all last season. I’m confident that you can take them back to post season soon–if not this season. Good luck Dave, and welcome to CBL!

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