The California Dreamers have not lived up to their season expectations so far, having gone 10-12 over the first month. Hitting for average (.226), and hitting with runners in scoring position (.111) seem to be the main issues at this point, both ranking in the lower third of the league. The heart of the order led by Roland Brice (38HR,101RBI last year), Ron Faucette (36HR, 92 RBI last year), and Jose Martinez ( 29HR, 72RBI last year) are hitting a combined .221…in the heart of the order. With RISP Faucette is hitting .118, Brice is hitting .118, and Martinez is hitting a respectable .364 for a combined total of .192. (League RISP is .238) The upside is that plenty of baseball still left to be played. Although there is talks that manager Eric Yelding could be fired, due to the way GM Jay Wittenberg does not like the way the early struggles are being handled. When asked about the rumors and his teams recent struggle GM Jay Wittenberg was quoted saying ā€œ There is no panic yet. It is a very tough division and it will take about another month at least to see who the top teams are. Iā€™m very confident in the starting 9 that go out everyday, its the decisions within those 9 innings that are hurting our team. We will continue to conduct business in a professional manner and in a manner that benefits the team.ā€ We can only hope California has a strong May and that the bats ramp up the heat. Team MVP of April goes to SP Noel Hafey who pitched his way to a 3-1 record with a clean 2.57 ERA. (Editors note: This article was written 04/28/37)

On the beach: April edition

3B J. Guzman: .371, 5HR, 14RBI (A+)

3B A. Monello: ..295, 3HR, 20RBI (A+)

SP W. Harney: 23.2IP , 31K, 1.90ERA (AA)

RP N. Vargas: 8.2IP, 16K, 1.04ERA (AA)


Jay Wittenberg


General Manager - California Dreamers

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