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To Move or Not Move to OOTP 20 is THE question. Fargo’s perspective

To Move or Not Move to OOTP 20 is THE question. Fargo’s perspective

Around this time of the year the next version of OOTP is never far away. For some it is not a question IF to buy the latest version but WHEN to buy it. Some argue that 35 USD is worth it while others have other expenses. Firstly, from an online community perspective it might be worth it for me to pay the 35 schmeckles, but when i look what OOTP did to FHM 5 and Perfect team i had to think twice. My first question is why do i need to support the latest edition of a game if* it is basically the same version but with the latest MLB rosters? For some this is enough but within a season each team will look different anyway. Then there is the noble philanthropist argument which states “to support the project”. Well my dear friends, i am in a position that 35 USD can buy me a week of food supplies. I am not saying that i can’t afford it but if there is no improvement in the game then why would i pay again for something that i already have? One can blame the gaming industry, capitalism, or even Trump 😉 but i seen too much nonsense from OOTP lately (PT and FHM 5) that they lost my good will to buy a product just to support them. This does have significant consequences for my OOTP online ‘career’ as i wont be able to play online leagues if my leagues moves to OOTP 20. Yes, i love the online community aspect but to be forced into buying something that i already have doesn’t make any sense. Neither makes it sense to buy player cards for Perfect Team OOTP 19 when the same player cards are not valid anymore for PT OOTP 20. I understand that people need to make money but this goes too far in my opinion. I dont want to discuss the entire loot box monetizing issue here, but i am sure we all read the discussions on the OOTP forum. So to conclude, I hope we stay on OOTP 19 for at least another one full year before evaluating what OOTP 21 looks like.

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  1. Erik Voldness

    We generally switch around June or July in real time, the game is usually on sale for the all star game and by then the majority of bugs and whatnot for the new version have been ironed out. Switching is usually necessary because it’s hard to find GMs for teams with older versions of the game.

    Personally, I completely disagree that the difference between OOTP 18 and 19 was simply a “roster update” as the AI is markedly improved and the strategic changes to bullpen usage especially were worth the update alone, so I think it’s a bit disingenuous to suggest upgrading from 19 to 20 would be just a roster update like you did. But again, that’s just my opinion.

    I hear you on the issues with the other games the company makes, but OOTP is one of the few games that CLEARLY upgrade several aspects of the game from version to version, and at a time when most video games are $60 minimum, getting the newest OOTP for somewhere between $25 and $45 depending on when you order it is a steal.

    But not to worry, I can’t imagine we upgrade any time sooner than June or July, which is months from now. If someone were to find a quarter a day (or merely spend 25 cents less a day) from now until June or July and it should pay for itself.

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