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There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

Legitimate baseball story I found today (Friday, March 13th, 2015). You’ve heard of Star Wars night, Ghostbusters night, well a minor league of the Seattle Mariners is taking it to another level entirely.

If I remember the CBL rule correctly, teams can relocate their franchise and update their unis every five years? I might just be counting down starting right now!


Here’s the link to the full story from MLB.

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David Jones

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    No sweat, here. According to one of the ‘commenters’ it’s just for one night.
    Not for any particular reason but it doesn’t seem very ‘baseball’ to me. A self proclaimed purist who thinks out of the box, I say celebrate the rich history of the game by honoring the players, venues, etc., and leave Dorothy et al to Hollywood.

    Interesting post. Ha Ha

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