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Erie Seawolves

The Year Is 2022…Welcome To The Year Of SeaWolves

The Year Is 2022…Welcome To The Year Of SeaWolves


Year of epic baseball action, the year we go BIG, BIG, BIG. Wake up and smell the competition.  The Erie Seawolves of 2022 are here to play, will you?

The Seawolves are ready to roll with Odorizzi,Fellow,Hunter,Mckinney and lets not forget Baker. Odorizzi, throughout spring training has been a a steady presence in the starting rotation.  Ask a few weeks back how does it feel to be the anchor, the veteran on the team, he simply replied, “Bring It.” It’s that follow me presence that has the pitching staff amp’d for a strong 2022. Add to the fact that Jameson Taillon commented how this staff is the strongest group he has ever been in. Its no wonder the pitching staff has a sign in the bullpen…”No Sea pups allowed”.

Sea pups…….its an Austin thing. Walk into the dug out and you see it, a sea pup eating a bat. Its a strong reminder that this league thinks they can’t hit,run, or play defense and that winning for the Seawolves is luck.  Below the sign reads,”Luck is the last dying wish of those who want to believe that winning can happen by accident. Sweat on the other hand is for those who know it’s a choice. ” Players like Penn,Sandoval,Garrett, and Tabata knew right away when they stepped in the clubhouse that this team is for real. Sandoval reaction after day one of spring training, “The intensity, the drive and that energy in the first day of spring training, I haven’t seen anything like this in years. You watch Skeezy in BP, tuning his swing, pulling the ball when he wants to or driving it the other way on demand. Everything about this team screams lets go get it.”

When asked about winning this year GM Troj said, “We will win games, how many I don’t know. I do know that we will play hard and fast.  Our goal is to come out swinging everything game.”



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Doug Trojanowski
Doug Trojanowski | General Manager - Erie SeaWolves


  1. Avatar

    No Sea pups allowed… that’s awesome! way to spin Austins words into motivation!

  2. Trey Schalk

    Still pups. Keep drinking milk!

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