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CBL Predictions

The Crystal Ball: Season Preview FL East Edition

The Crystal Ball: Season Preview FL East Edition

[Author’s Note: The following predictions are mine and mine only. I fully expect to be way off by the end of the year. Don’t hate me too much.]


Frontier League East Season Preview

Heartland League East Season Preview
Heartland League West Season Preview

With another off-season behind us and spring baseball well underway, it’s that time of year again for preseason predictions and previews. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Frontier League East Division.

The only division without any realignment this off-season, Altoona decided to move to Boston at the last minute just for the excitement factor.


Last Season’s Records:
Traverse City 74-46
Charlotte 63-57
Savannah 54-66
Altoona (Now Boston) 50-70

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Erik Voldness
Erik Voldness | General Manager - Minneapolis Millers


  1. Tim Imasa

    Two teams will compete for this division. TC and Charlotte. Unless Savannah and Boston pulls some big trades in the regular season, i dont see them beating CHR and TC this year.

  2. Erik Voldness

    Agreed, TC and CHR will probably have more wins than I predicted just from beating up on the other 2.

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