The CBL Constitution




I. The League

The CBL is an Out of the Park online league that started in 2014 using modern rosters and 12 Minor League teams.

A. GM Engagement Responsibilities

Exporting – General Managers are required to export at least once every 10 days. If you are unable to export within 10 days, please let the Commissioner know ahead of time (via direct message in Slack) or send an away message in your team channel in Slack.

League Awareness – Monitor chat activities in Slack and respond when appropriate. We do not expect anyone to spend their whole day chatting. But everyone is required to monitor the chat room. This will also give you a chance to check your private message to see if you have any trade offers.

Communication – If anyone received a trade offer or inquiry, please reply in a timely manner. In CBL, we do not ignore trade inquiries. If you are not ready to talk trades or not interested, simply let the other party know. We do not leave anyone hanging.

Establish some level of presence in the Slack – It is not necessary to be there ‘all the time’ but somehow, someway, the rest of the league needs to know who you are and that you are accessible. While it’s impossible to formulate an exact protocol for the frequency and depth of your league participation the expectation is that you bring value to the league on some level(s).

Winter Meetings – Everyone is encouraged to participate during Winter Meetings. The best way to participate is by joining the discussion in Slack. If this is not possible, you are still required to vote on Winter Meeting polls in #_winter-meetings channel in Slack.

Leave of Absence – Send a direct message in Slack to the Commissioner. If direct message is not your cup of tea, you can send an email to

B. The CBL Dismissal Process

The Commissioner may initiate steps to inform a GM that they need to address concerns if they want to remain in the league. For extreme infractions the Commissioner may immediately remove a GM.

Conditions that may lead to Commissioner warnings:

  • Failure to export regularly.
  • Failure to manage their team–no exports, injured players not on the DL, roster limits not adhered to, coaching and scout positions not filled, or near filled.
  • Ignoring email or trade inquiries from other GM’s
  • Treating other GM’s and/or the Commissioner rudely.
  • Using the chat in a ‘rant’ style. It’s okay to disagree, we encourage it, but it must be done respectably.
  • Anything that falls into the category of inappropriate behavior.

In most cases the Commissioner will contact the GM to bring the issue(s) to their attention. A prompt response from the GM is required to maintain their franchise. Ignoring the inquiries of the Commissioner may result in the GM losing their franchise.

Conditions that may lead to immediate expulsion:

  • No export in one month (in real time)
  • Cheating (in any shape or form).
  • Failure to improve, or act upon when requested, in a reasonable amount of time on any of the above issues that have been brought to their attention by the Commissioner.

C. Sim Schedule

Regular season and off-season sims are scheduled for Monday through Friday and Sunday at 4:00 PM PST, with certain exceptions due to holidays and special league events. Exports are due by 3:30 pm PST the day of the sim. The sim length for regular season is 3 to 4 days depends on schedule generated by the game. Most teams plays the same number of games per series. In off-season, we sim 7 days. More details below.

Off-Season Road Map 

  • First day of “Off-Season” – Teams will decide to execute or void team options during this time. Also, teams must set arbitration offers. When the Commissioner have received all files, the league will pass “Arbitration Hearing” and stop at the first day of “Free Agency”
  • Free Agency – Commissioner will sim 7 days from the first day of Free Agency until the league reaches “Preseason”.
  • Rule V Draft – All teams participating in Rule V Draft are required to send a draft list to the Commissioner.  The draft list can be sent direct message on Slack.
  • Winter Meetings – Commish will create Winter Meeting polls in #_winter-meetings channel on Slack. All GMs are encouraged to vote on polls. New rules or features will be implemented before the new season begins.
  • Preseason – This is the deadline for teams to set their dev budgets. The Commish also uses this day to create CAPs (Create-A-Prospect) and process all rewards. From preseason, the league will sim twice (14-15 days each) to the first day of Spring Training.
  • Spring Training – All teams will have a chance to set their 26-man roster 2 in-game days prior to Opening Day.

II. Player Contracts

A. Free Agents

In the off-season free agent period, free agents may be signed by owners by making offers in the game and uploading them via FTP. In season will work exactly the same as off-season.

B. Contract Extensions

All players may be re-signed throughout the season. Offers should be made within the game and uploaded with your export

C. Arbitration

This league uses the arbitration setting within game. To avoid paying arbitration rates, players may be released before the season is turned over.

III. Trades

A.  General Limitations on Trades

Trades which are deemed significantly unbalanced, in violation of the league rules, or would damage the integrity of the league can be voided at the Commissioner’s discretion. Trades cannot be made after the trade deadline unless all players involved with the deal are passed through waivers.

DFA Traded Players – When teams agreed on a trade, teams are required to DFA the players involved in the trade and export their file prior to the sim. This will prevent injuries in upcoming sim and makes it easier to process for the Commissioners.

B. Additional trade rules

The trade deadline is July 25th. 10/5 rule is not in place. Players with no-trade clause cannot be traded.

IV. Waivers and Designating Players for Assignment

A. Waivers

The CBL uses the Waiver System created inside of the game. The Waiver period lasts for 9 sim days. Since sims last 3 days, owners are given an opportunity to see who’s on the waiver wire, as well as who might have made a claim on a player that has a revocable claim. If a player is irrevocably claimed off waivers, the player becomes property of the team claiming.

B. Designated for Assignment

The DFA period is set for 15 days. If a player’s time on DFA runs out, the player will be placed in the Minors. If the DFA’ed player(s) won’t accept demotion, the player(s) will be released.

V. The First-Year Player and Rule V Draft 

A. The Amateur Draft

The amateur draft will be held on StatsPlus using the parameters below:

  • Live draft in Rounds 1 to 3
  • Rounds 4 to 20 will be set to auto draft from list
  • Everyone is encouraged to keep their draft list populated at all times during the draft

B. Rule V Draft

The league holds the Rule V draft for two rounds via draft list. Draft list can be sent via email or direct message to the simmer on Slack. You must have open slots in your 40-man roster in order to participate in Rule V draft. Players drafted in Rule V are not trade-able until the following season.

C. Team Revenue Settings

Average Media Contract 70 Million (Same For Every Team)

Average Local Media = 10 Million

Average Merchandise Revenue = 10 Million

Entire revenue available

Luxury Tax = 115% (Soft Cap % of average payroll)

VI. Roster Limits

Active roster has a limit of 26 players. In Spring Training, this limit expands to 60. AAA, AA, A and A- teams have a limit of 30 players. R league has a limit of 50 players. The max age in Class A+ is 25, Short Season A- 24, and Rookie League is 22.

VII. Draft Pick Trading

Teams can only trade first round picks until free agents with compensation have signed (first round picks are now protected, but teams can lose second-fifth rounders for comps).

Second-fifth round picks can be traded when all free agents with compensation have signed.

VIII. League and Playoff Structure

16 Total Teams Split Into 2 Leagues. Top four teams are qualified for the post season.

CBL Wild Card Round = Best of 7 (2h, 2a, 1h)

CBL Division Series = Best of 7 (2h, 2a, 1h)
CBL  League Championship Series= Best of 7 (2h, 2a, 1h)
CBL Premier Cup Series = Best of 7 (2h, 2a, 1h)

IX. Participation Points

A. CBL Rewards System

CBL Premier Cup = 5000 PP

GM of The Year = 2000 PP

Blog Post = 200 PP

Reading a blog post 1 time = 5 PP

Approved article comment = 5 PP

Logging in = 1 PP

B. Participation Points Rewards


Owners can create one prospect per season. Owners can select the player’s name, age, race, bats, throws, position and level (HS or COL). “Legendary” template will be used here as well. Player development will be set at 50%. Owners can select any schools and level within our Feeder Leagues. Please see our template below.

Name: Harvey Specter
Race: White
Age: 17
Height: 6’0
Weight: 175
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Team: Pepperdine University
Hometown: New York, New York
Position: CL

Link to high school feeder teams –

Link to our college feeder teams –

Ballpark Construction

Ballpark construction includes park factors and it cost 400 PP. It can only be done once every five seasons.

Team Relocation

If you wish to relocate your team, the team’s market size has to be “Small” or below (see market size list below).

Market Size
1: Minimal
2: Tiny
3: Small
4: Below Avg
5: Average
6: Above Avg
7: Big
8: Very Big
9: Huge
10 – 20: Astronomical

In addition to market size, a GM can only relocate their team once. Lastly, you would be required to use 1000 points + 150 words article announcing the relocation.


In a scenario where a GM had quit the league and decided to join the league again to manage a different team after several seasons, the GM would be allowed to relocate his new team once–assuming the team he’s managing is a ‘Small’ market team.


Teams can get a new logo & uniforms for 400 points (CBL Team). In addition, the GM would be required to write a blog post of at least 150 words. Minor League re-branding cost 50 PP per team. Re-branding can only be done once every three three.

Add Stadium Seats

Teams can add up to 56,000 seats in their ballpark. It will cost 400 PP to add 1000 seats to their ballpark.

Convert a retired player to coach

Owners can convert one retired player to coach for 25 PP per season. The coach can be assigned to your team as long as the position is vacant (2-year deal, $40,000 salary). Please post your request in #_rewards channel with the player’s/coach’s name, position, and team/level that you want to assign the coach to. You can also convert a retired player to coach and make him available for everyone. The co

Add a nickname

Owners can use 10 PP to add a nickname to a player or coach.