Jim Beauregard

Possible Free Agent Destinations and Offseason Trade Rumors

The 2025-2026 off season is here and the list of free agents looks intriguing for any team. There are seasoned veterans who broke out and impressed, even though they are on the wrong side of 30 (See Gary Sanchez), there are young pitchers who are going into their first free agency (See Jim Beauregard and Ben O’Farrell), and even an international player with no history of playing any baseball in a recognized league (See Katsuharu ‘Spot’ Azuma). There’s something for every team and there’s no doubt that money will be flying in the direction of many of these free agents. Here’s a look at some possible destinations for the top free agents and other free agents that might not be as known but might have a chance to break out with a new team or have an interest...

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