Curt Tullos

Knights April Review

The Charlotte Knights have been an early surprise in a packed Frontier League this season. The Knights opened the season 8-2 and finished April with a 13-10 record good enough for second place in a league with over half its teams posting 10 or more wins in the month. Minneapolis has a healthy three-game lead with a 16-7 record. Led by former waiver wire selection Curt Tullos, the Knights have used power and pitching to jump out to a hot start. Tullos has posted a team-best .988 OPS in the first month of competition and leads the team in home runs with 9 and RBI with 22. The Knights are tied for fourth in the league with 34 home runs with Hector Espinosa adding seven to the total. Much has been made of Espinosa and Addison Russell co-opening a night club in the offseason and whether the eve...

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