Before Wednesday game against the San Diego Smurf Dogs Surf Dawgs, Erie Seawolves and NPC Bank hosted 1st annual Bank On The Wolves Day. Fans and players gathered a hour before the game to sign autographs, take pictures and do meet and greets. Kids from around the city of Erie came to run the bases and participate in a homerun derby with Seawolves mascot C. Wolf.

Starting pitchers Garrett Gooden,Jose Camacho and closer Matt LaChappa gave fans demonstrations on how to pitch and signed baseballs to kids as part of “Strike Out Hunger” campaign. Infielders Teruhiko Nakagawa, Juan Morales and outfielder Muddy Waters work with another group of kids on hitting in a new campaign to “Crush Drugs”. Both campaigns are apart of a new strategy that the city of Erie,Erie Seawolves, NPC Bank, and Rocket 105 radio created to hep address the issues of inner city struggles of youth in the area.

Following the event the Erie Seawolves took on the Surf Dawgs and won 6 to 5.


Doug Trojanowski


General Manager - Erie SeaWolves

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