While the city is covered in snow and businesses are slow in Minneapolis, the Millers were busy. Harper was sent to Blood Raven’s in exchange for SP Miguel Almonte (CBL), SP Jose Chavez (A),SP Joe Chesley (AAA), RP Jordan Roberts (A) and an undisclosed amount of Richardson City’s finest bottles of liquor.

At 2:00 pm Troj held a press conference to addressed the media about the trade, “Good afternoon, thanks for coming out today, I know the weather is rather unpleasant. As most of you already know, we traded Mr. Harper to the Blood Raven’s for Almonte,Chavez,Chesley, and Roberts.  Going into the off-season we felt that we loved our rotation but we wanted to see if we could improve on it either through free agency or trade. We really do like our depth at outfield and seeing a chance to improve our rotation now, while increasing our minor league depth,we jumped at the chance. Almonte will slip right into our starting rotation right away and Chesley will move into AAA with the goal of starting rotation in a year or two. Chavez and Roberts both show great signs of potential for their age and will be placed accordingly in the farm system. Thank you to Mr. Harper for his time with us and we wish him the best.”


Reporting Peter Gimmons



Doug Trojanowski


General Manager - Erie SeaWolves

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