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RC Repeats: Tale of The Tape

RC Repeats: Tale of The Tape

Blood Raven. Singular. A team. A unity. All united in one common goal.

When you look at The Blood Raven’s regular season record nothing jumps out at you, ‘flash in the pan’, one might think. The team with the most all-stars was somehow lucky, rather than good. But, if you look at beyond the surface, look at other context–all stats need to be looked at with other context (you wouldn’t judge a pitcher by the amount of wins he had would you?) it shouldn’t be a surprise that RC was able to win The Premier Cup a second straight season and finished the season strong going 17-4. With a 50M payroll, no less.

But it was a surprise. To everyone but their GM.

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Imran K | General Manager - Richardson City Blood Raven Accolades: 2018 CBL Premier Cup Champions 2019 CBL Premier Cup Champions

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  1. Tim Imasa

    Good read, Imran! I’m done giving your team the label, “Dark Horse” every season. On paper, RC can’t stack with SYR or DAY. RC just win championships. If you ask me, I’d rather win. I wish you all the best next season, but I hope a FL team finally dethrones you. haha!

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