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PostSeason Preview Round 1

PostSeason Preview Round 1

Welcome To PostSeason Round 1 Preview.


163 games played to get to this point. All teams have a chance to make it an October to remember. We will do a quick breakdown of all the series and pick our MVP of Round 1.


First up Sting vs Scrappers


2nd in Runs Scored in HL (Sting)  vs 1st Runs Against in HL (Scrappers). Key to this series is the Sting getting to the starters. Scrappers have the best bullpen in HL If Sting can get to the starters early the series could lean in the favor of the Sting. While for the Scrappers offense is key. Not just scoring runs but putting the ball in play and working counts. Sting is 5th in HL in bullpen ERA and 6th in defensive Eff. Scrappers need to work counts and put the ball in play. Going toe to toe with Sting in a slugfest and the Scrappers will fall short. If it’s a pitchers duel look for the Scrappers to dominate.


Our Prediction Scrappers in 5.


Next Orange vs Bats.


It’s hard to see Orange, 3rd in runs scored and 2nd in Runs Against losing to the Bats,who are  10th in runs scored and 5th in runs against, but there is some big holes in the Orange Crush Vending Machine.

Kilpatrick,FinFrock,Oberg, and Strasburgh gone for the postseason puts extra pressure on Orange’s depth.  The key for Orange is try to play this series like the regular season, don’t get too cute, play smart and do what they have been doing for the last 162 games. For the Bats, they need to come swinging.  With some surprise pop in the bat, the Bats are 3rd in HL with 159 home runs. If they want to move on to the next round they need to put the ball over the fence, a lot. The Bats do have a chance to make the series interesting if the lumber heats up.


Our Prediction Orange Machine in 4.


Knights vs Beach Bums.


1st in FL in runs scored and 2nd in FL in runs against, that is what the Beach Bums bring to the table. The Knights though are no cannon fodder. They are 6th in runs scored and 3rd in runs against. Key for a good series from the Knights is keeping the game close until the late innings and work counts. The one weakness in Beach Bums is their bullpen, which is ranked 5th in FL. As for what Beach Bums need to do? They need to just hit and hit like they did all year. 1st in every major batting category, they need to light up the scoreboard every night and it’s on to the next one.


Our Prediction Beach Bums in 4.


Mavericks vs Canadians


Between this series and the Sting vs Scrappers series, this is a match between two teams that are strong in opposite categories.  Mavericks 2nd in FL in runs scored and 4th in FL in runs against. Canadians 4th in runs scored and 1st in runs against. Key to Mavericks winning this series is hitting and not just hitting slightly better than Canadians but scoring with runners in position and making things happen. Cause the pitching from Canadians is all around solid, so if you put one of their pitchers on the ropes you have go for the knockout. The opposite thing needs to happen for the Canadians to win. Pitching needs to dominate, while their hitting isn’t all that fair behind the Mavericks, they are not built to go into a slugfest in October.


Our Prediction Canadians in 5.


MVP for Round 1

Mike Simmons of the Scrappers.


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Doug Trojanowski
Doug Trojanowski | General Manager - Erie SeaWolves

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  1. Dan Courcelles

    Awesome preview Doug! Good analysis of the Canadians Mavericks series!

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