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New GM Takes Over At Dayton, Hints At Relocation (Poll)

New GM Takes Over At Dayton, Hints At Relocation (Poll)


On the field, the Dayton Sting baseball team are running out the clock on their forgettable 2023 mission, yet off of it they’ve been a consistent source of news in recent days. First, long time GM Mike McAvoy stepped down from his position, putting an end to what can only be described as a highly successful tenure. The Sting have been a perennial power throughout the existence of the league, making the post season seven times in the past 9 years. But with failing results and falling attendance,  the 2023 campaign has been a different story.  153 games into the season the Sting sit at a 65-88 record, which means their run of 6 straight winning seasons is assured to come to a halt. McAvoy, the revered and popular GM stepped down this week, giving the incoming GM time to get settled in before next season gets underway.

The New GM, Sy Razi, was introduced to the press and fans today. Although It might have been an introduction in vain. The new guy didn’t waste anytime hinting at the necessity of a clean reboot for the team, and given how the team has suffered from falling fan interest, few people believe he was just talking about the change in management. Attendance has fallen more than 10 percent for Dayton, and with a major rebuild looking inevitable, It’s likely the trend would continue over at least the next few years. With experts saying a potential move might happen as soon as this coming off season, speculations have already begun about the possible destinations.

Where Will They End Up?

Relocation is not an easy to predict affair, there are so many different factors involved that any sure fire deal might fall through. But in any case some cities have been mentioned as more viable candidates. With the restructuring of the divisions in HL an unlikely scenario, most names mentioned are cities close to the east coast:

Chesapeake, VA: An out of the box choice for sure, Chesapeake’s lack of an urban feel and its decentralized population might seem a poor fit for a baseball team. But while those facts are true, It is also a growing and prosperous city with a lot of potential for new endeavors. While the lack of a sports history might make it look like too much of a gamble for a baseball franchise, It would also mean any major team would have the city all to themselves.

Manchester, NH: This move would bring  HL baseball to avid fans in New England. Playing games in the beautiful background of Manchester springs is reason enough to look at the city as a candidate. Add to that a thriving baseball culture and little competition for market share.

Patterson, NJ:  The “Silk” city of the united states, with a population of about 150,000 people. Patterson’s baseball heritage has been mentioned as an important factor for it potentially getting a baseball team. Hinchliffe Stadium, opened in 1932, is one of the few Negro league ballparks still standing today. GM Sy Razi is also said to have a cultural connection to the city of Patterson, although the amount of influence he might have on a potential move is unclear.

announcement of a possible relocation decision is expected to come before the regular season ends, so the fans would have the opportunity to attend one last Dayton String games.



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  1. Tim Imasa

    Hey Sy! Welcome to the league! Love the first article, hopefully there are more to come! As for the move, I voted for Manchester, NH. But so far, “Other” is winning. Perhaps, the league wants a bigger market for the Sting. haha!

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