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New General Manager In St. Louis

New General Manager In St. Louis

St.Luis Sultans

The St. Louis Sultans today hired a new General Manager Kayber. His background stems from being a GM in another Indy League (to remain nameless), there he he didn’t have much luck trying to turn around an overpriced team. Picking up a lot of rookies and drafting an in house system is the foundation he likes to build upon.

Core fundamentals of my teams are built through the drafting process. I like to sign a few pieces to give leadership on the field and off. However I build my organizations around youth and drafting.”

Kayber has already made it known then they are going to trade young Deion Sanders in CF. Who knows what else he has in the works. There are quite a number of players on the Sultans that are on their last years of contract. 1B Jose Garcia, injured 3B Corey Seager and LF Jesus Sanchez are just a few of the quality players hitting the market if not signed.

Deion is amazing, I really like how he plays and what he’s about but his contract is enough to fill at least 5 positions on the starting roster. I hate to move him but I think if I can kill off some of the overpaying on this team; I might be able to start fixing things.

Rumors are swirling too that this Florida native is going to move the team next year. Kayber calls West Palm Beach, FL home and has told a few people close to him that he plans to move the Sultans and rebrand them if allowed by the league next season.

Kayber isn’t very well known through baseball but in the video game world he loves to blog and stream some of his hobbies are World of Warcraft, baseball, history and writing. Check him out here kayber76. (Self Promotion, so sorry).

“I look forward to being here and taking control of this team. I’m planning to bring a lot of changes in the next few seasons.

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  1. Tim Imasa

    Well written post, Kayber! I like how you used the quote feature in your blog, I think it looks beautiful and easy to read. With good enough pitching should take STL to the post season this year–I think.

    Also, glad to know we have another gamer on board. I used to play WoW back in the days and actually considered hopping back on due to the new expansions. But I must resist. Haha! Welcome to the league again!

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