New Day in Altoona: Zima and Gagne Introduced as New Owners

Big news in Altoona last week, The  Curve  introduced two new owner, Justib Zima and Dallis Gagne.

When asked about his acquisition of The Altoona Curve Zima said,”My cousin Dallis and I have been huge baseball fans since the minutes we stepped on the diamond, I remember throwing a baseball around until we could see because it was too dark out when we were only 5 years old, This truly is a dream come true!” Zima went on to talk about his perception of the team, ” It obvious we have talent offensively but we need to get better results from our pitching staff and make less mistakes defensively… Pitching wins ball games plain and simple. As owners we need to be more proactive then reactive. We can not let our teams ERA be 5.00 at the mid point in the season.”

Gagne was a lot more short and sweet with his response, “I’m proud to be a part of the Altoona family. Justin and I spent a lot of time meeting the players and staff and it’s obvious there is a winning mentality here. It’s exciting to be working with such a determined group of players and staff. We will work long hours everyday to make this teams dream of winning a reality.”

It certainly does seem like a new day in Altoona it’s going to be exciting to see this new proactive approach in Altoona.


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Tim Imasa

Welcome, Dallis! Perhaps Dallis would be interested in taking 1 of the expansion teams this offseason?

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