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Moves in (and possibly from) Manchester

It was a wild draft this year in Manchester as the Marauder front office was working overtime, not preparing for their selections as much as trading them away. After engineering a swap of their first round pick for four later Minnesota picks, Manchester traded a couple of them and a reserve infielder for big Don Smith, the Panthers’ aging first basemen. Smith has so far settled in nicely with the Marauders, batting .351 with a 990 OPS since arriving and signing a contract extension to boot.

Meanwhile, Manchester traded a 2nd and 3rd round pick to Charlotte for Bo Allen, who will settle into the rotation as a #4 starter. Allen, who is known for a cranky, outspoken personality had demanded a trade from the Knights. Upon arriving in Manchester, Allen immediately complained to his new management about not having Dr. Pepper in the soda machines and wondering why hip-hop music was so prominent in the Marauder club house. “I really feel it is of vital importance that Garth Brooks be represented in every major league locker room” said Allen, who has also refused use of communal showers.

But Manchester wasn’t done. Just before the third round, they sent off that pick to St. Louis for reliever Greg Alexander, who has stepped in among the Manchester bullpen by committee. With the Marauders now making a run at the playoffs, GM Matt Bowling also grabbed a few bodies off the waiver wire to round out the team including aging 3B Hector Espinosa, backup catcher Chase Vallot and reliever K-W Soung.

Meanwhile, it seems the Marauders are not long for New Hampshire. A second potential venue has stepped in to make a bid to bring the team to town. Cambridge, Mass is hoping to construct Pilgrim Park and bring the team to Massachusetts as the Cambridge Pilgrims. It seems the team will be on the move somewhere next year, the question is where.

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Matt Bowling
Matt Bowling | General Manager - Manchester Marauders

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