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Mililani Town HWB Preview

Mililani Town HWB Preview

[tps_header] Mililani Town HWB Preview[/tps_header]



Richardson City’s Hawaiian Winter Baseball affiliate Mililani Town is ready to rock and roll.

The roster is led by young pitchers and toolsy hitters in the middle infield, whom the club wants to give some extra looks. The depth chart is dominated by youngsters who haven’t gotten enough playing time in the regular season to show what they could really do. They get their shot now.

The Islanders plan to go with a 15 man pitching staff to start–mostly due to a lack of outfielders that would be eligible for the league. Pot smoking is banned in the league and the club wishes not to risk a 50 game suspension, according to rumors. The club, nonetheless, is excited to give it’s plethora of teenagers an extra look (only 3 pitchers are above 20-years-old and 10 are below that).

On the hitting side, The game’s #1 Prospect, Bo Bichette, gets more at-bats to show off his craft. He’s followed by Catcher Devon Fisher, 2b/3b Mason Templet and 3b Andretty Condrero in an unorthodox lineup that lacks power hitters and hopes to score runs by slapping the ball and drawing walks to get on-base. Fisher was the lone prospect above Single A to make the roster.

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