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  • Following the latest Millers post-season collapse this past October, it was clear something needed to change in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, the team’s best pitcher, Garrett Gooden, would be leaving in free agency […]

  • [Editor’s Note: This is the final part (IV) of a IV part series. Read Part I, Part II and Part III.]

    The two players were as motivated as they’d ever been heading into the off-season. The improvements they’d […]

  • [Editor’s Note: This is Part III of a IV part series. Read Part I and Part II.]

    The first thing Kevin Hudzik did when he arrived home for the off-season was begin his research. He had decided a few weeks ago […]

  • [Editor’s Note: This is Part II of a IV part series. Part I can be found here.]

    It had been an eventful first month of professional baseball for Kevin Hudzik. After the whirlwind month of June saw him graduate […]

  • How two former Harvard baseball players have started a pitching revolution

    [Editor’s Note: This is Part I of a IV part series. Part II, Part III and Part IV will be linked here when finished.]

    Fort Myers, […]

  • In a recent study by Amazon Sports Network, it was revealed that the average CBL team goes through an astounding 34,000 baseballs per season, counting both game balls and practice balls.

    The Austin Bats, […]

  • Following last night’s 3-0 win over the Las Vegas Aces, the Minneapolis Millers announced that they have purchased the contract of starting pitching Juan Zarzosa from AAA Columbus. The team designated veteran […]

  • Just a quick look around the league over the last week or so in-game time.

    Draft Surprises

    A generally computer-run Traverse City team selected high school second baseman Jack Roslovic with the first overall […]

  • With the league’s annual crapshoot rookie draft taking place in less than 48 hours, it seemed wise to take a slightly deeper look into the incoming draft class and some possible storylines surrounding the 2033 CBL […]

  • The date was November 1, 2022. 32-year-old outfielder Anthony Gose, coming off an injury-plagued .227/.311/.318 season while playing in just 20 games, informed the Richardson City Blood Raven he would not exercise […]

    • Catching up on my readings here.

      Great story on Sanders! This is better than Terry’s story to be honest. I hope you gave a raise to your scout. Obviously, he saw something in Sanders where other scouts didn’t.

  • With the annual June amateur draft scheduled for this Saturday afternoon (11 AM PST), here’s our best guess at how the first two rounds (42 picks) will unfold.
    Round One
    1. Connecticut Colonials: Piotr Rasputin, […]

    • One of the negative things that I can say about Frank Gallagher is that he drinks a lot. I also heard that he has family issues–this could potentially affect his performance in the game. If you can overcome those negatives, he’s a solid prospect. After all, God really does look out for drunks.

    • Let’s make a Shameless prequel where Frank is a top baseball prospect before Monica ruins his life lol

  • 2032 Sim Week 1 Review
    [Author’s Note: I will try to do one of these every Saturday night or Sunday morning for the regular season. It won’t be quite a month every time, so it’s not exactly a monthly review, but […]

  • [Editor’s Note: Not all teams were done using the same template for the write-ups, that’s why some teams look different than other teams write-ups. You’ll survive.]

    It is warming outside, the grass is beginning […]

    • Feel free to comment with your thoughts/disagreements! I’ll start:

      My rotation also has Edgardo Cordero, if he can stay healthy for a full season–lost Perez for 6 weeks this last sim, so my pitching depth is being tested already.

      My defense should be fine, moved a lot of people around in the Spring but my opening day lineups are at least above average defensively I think. We’ll see though!

      And Altagracia will probably get some time this season, at least a few starts to hopefully accelerate his development even more. Depends how his first few AAA months go, though, of course. Well done on my team despite my objections, Trey. Thanks as always!

  • Just before dawn, Lucio “Cranky” Aguilar awakens to the all-too-common obnoxious screeching of his alarm clock. While awaking before dawn is nothing new to Aguilar, he’s not getting up for an early morning workout […]

    • Great read once again, Erik! Thank you for writing this article.

      I was really hoping that an HL would sign Lucio so we don’t have to deal with him on a regular basis. And the fact that Dancouver landed Lucio makes me hate it even more. So far, he’s looking like a STUD out there.

      I still think Luis Padilla will beat him, steals-wise. 🙂

  • Few CBL players are as polarizing on the field as Minneapolis Millers long-time shortstop Trace Loehr. A career .233 hitter with a .720 OPS is, some argue, worthy of being a first ballot Hall-of-Famer when he […]

  • Editors Note: I apologize for any bad grammar or spelling. Edited this after a long day of school and work. Hope you all enjoy it!
    Interview with John from the Portland Panthers
    Dan Canadians: Welcome John. Glad […]

  • For part three of our Down on the Farm series, we will be reviewing some of the elite seasons from rookie league to the A level, the Midwest League, the Arizona Summer League and the Florida State League. Part one […]

    • Cardenas made the cut! I can’t wait until this guy is CBL ready. We need a new face of the franchise in SD!

  • SP David Wells Jr. (20) – AA
    SP Dusty Abbett (22) – AAA
    LF Bob Colella (21) – CBL
    C Art Wey-Bey (21) – AAA

  • Today we continue our deeper look into this past minor league season by checking in on the AA level, the Southern League. Our first piece covered the AAA level, the Pacific Coast League, and can be read […]

    • Excellent write-up, Erik! I’m glad Payne is getting some buzz now. I expect him to play in AAA next season, but I will definitely take a look at him this spring. I hope his change-up develops, if so, he’d be a good starter for us.

    • I can’t believe how dominate he’s been over the last two seasons. Truth be told I had no idea who he was until I looked through AA, should be fun to see if he can develop that changeup! Maybe he’ll get a Joe Terry boost and get another pitch hahaha

  • Canadians

    SP Juan Rosa AA
    RF Bob Metropolos A+
    CL Jesus Cordero A-
    SP Dave De Dominicis R

    If its not too late. Here is my list.

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