• Jeffrey Everroad posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    With spring training starting this week, the we sit down for a chat with the new GM of the Colorado Gold Sox, Jeffrey Everroad.

    REPORTER: What made you interested in taking over Colorado as a team?

    JE: Well I’d always heard it was a beautiful city and state to live in.

    REPORTER: So how much did you know about the Gold Sox before accepting the job?

    JE: Really, not much. Some names and stats on paper was about it. Will say that after I turned my phone back on after my flight landed, I had 5-6 messages waiting on me about this Philmon guy. So I’m guessing he’s pretty special. He should be the first guy I look at signing long term.

    REPORTER: So what can Gold Sox fans expect from you as a GM?

    JE: I like to build from within via drafts and utilize the farm system to the best of my ability.

    REPORTER: Thank you for the time and good luck this season.

    JE: Thanks.

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