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Marauders in Playoff Hunt

Marauders in Playoff Hunt

It’s been a streaky season in Manchester. The team has consistently gone through up and down periods in which they alternated between looking like one of the best teams in the league and looked like a team that should be working on their putting and iron game during October.

At just the right time, the Marauders ran off 11 in a row vaulting them into a strong position as the second (or perhaps even first) wild card. Just when fans were starting to look up at #3 ranked Golden State, Manchester was promptly swept by Mahoning Valley, the only team that could deny them a playoff spot. It could be touch and go until the end for the Marauders.

Still, Manchester fans seem very excited about their club. All of the veterans will be back for 2034 including newly acquired 1B Don Smith, catcher Pedro Chavez and middle of the order sluggers, DH Steve Beck and the team’s true star Amancio Montarroio who seems to have successfully shifted back to his original position of 2B. A strong and young 5 man rotation and decent bullpen are also set to return. It seems likely the Marauders will be in the playoff hunt again.

But will they be in Manchester? It looks like almost certainly not. Cambridge, Massachusetts has been officially selected as the team’s destination, so the team will be able to keep their New England fan base since Cambridge is only about an hour from Manchester, NH.

The franchise unveiled the new Cambridge Pilgrims logo and color scheme on Friday to the delight of Boston area fans. The team is also finishing up construction of a new stadium to be dubbed Pilgrim Park to be located in the heart of the city. While the franchise’s last ranked minor league system may have some fans worried about the team’s long-term fortunes, the Cambridge Pilgrims should have some more years of success in the meantime.

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Matt Bowling
Matt Bowling | General Manager - Manchester Marauders

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  1. Erik Voldness

    Personally I like “Cambridge Pilgrims” quite a bit more than the current Manchester name, so very happy to read this! Best of luck the rest of the season.

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