Fazzolari Bashes 5 Base Hits
Thursday, August 23rd, 2035
It wasn't just another day at the ballpark for Rob Fazzolari of the St. Louis Sultans. Fazzolari went on a tear at Thunderdome and cracked hit after hit off Fargo pitching. When the dust settled on the diamond, the 26-year-old second baseman had a career 5-for-7 day and something he will long remember.

"Yeah, it'll be something nice to tell the grandkids, but I don't think I'll tell them we lost," he joked in the BNN postgame interview.

Despite Fazzolari's personal accolades, the Fargo Nordiques walked off the field with the 8-7 win.

Rob Fazzolari singled in the 2nd, struck out in the 4th, singled in the 6th, singled in the 8th, hit an RBI triple in the 9th, flied out in the 11th and singled in the 14th.

Looking at his stats this year, Fazzolari has compiled a .279 batting average, while hitting 11 home runs and driving in 39 runs. He has played in 101 games and scored 38 runs.

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