Last Season


When new general manager Matt Wells took over, the Knights looked like the clear-cut favorite to win the Frontier League East. Despite this, Wells saw several areas where the Knights needed to improve. Immediately upgrading the rotation with the additions of Ruben Alaniz and Jake Odorizzi, and acquiring a top prospect in Christopher Machamer, the team still looked poised to win the division. But as the season wore on, the opportunity to acquire the #1 overall prospect presented itself, and Wells took it, even though it meant taking a hit in the current team. His thought process was simple, “This season we didn’t have the depth to win, but if we can get younger and stockpile talent that’s cost controlled, we’ll be golden in future years, when we feel we’re more built to compete for the Cup.” Either way, the Knights made the postseason, winning the division, and advanced to the second round. This offseason, Wells made even more steps to build towards that future, building a roster full of talent.




  • Kyle Barret, March 3, 2016 @ 1:52 pm

    Very impressed with the poise of GM Matt Wells to acquire young talents in the midst of a pennant race. The Knights look to have a well-rounded squad heading into spring training. Looking forward to potentially seeing Machamer come September, what a performance he is showing in Winter League. My prediction for the Knights is a guaranteed play off spot come 2020, with a heated division battle with TC.

  • Tim Imasa, March 8, 2016 @ 8:49 am

    Well done, Matt! Love the preview! Your rotation this year is looking like our rotation 2 seasons ago! I would like to see how these former “Dawgs” do in CHR. Also, your line up looks good, though the obvious question mark is at 3B. I went with a defensive 3B this year as well, so I don’t mind seeing a rookie there at 3B for CHR either. Hopefully he pans out, eeehhh I still hate CHR! #LoveLivePandas

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