HL East

Previous Division Champions


Previous Record: 105-57

Prediction: 100-62

X-Factor: An all-around team without a doubt. The new evil empire of the HL East dethroning longtime dominators the Syracuse Orange (Regina Reapers). I think their X-Factor is quite simple… Clutch performances on the big playoff stage. This team should have a title by now. I think Jerry Stollings will have a breakout season this year and the team will be absolutely sickeningly dominant again, but will Edgin crash and burn in playoffs again? This team needs to show they are ready to win more titles for the HL East…


Previous Record: 97-65

Predictions: 87-75

X-Factor: I think Regina needs to retool a bit. Could be wishful thinking but this team doesn’t scary me as much as it use to. Losing Justin Williams will be a big loss but keeping Strasburg was a good call if Strasburg can stay on the field and pitch in playoffs. Ape had a full season last year which is encouraging but can he do that again? Ultimately I think there Record goes down because I’m not sure if they can sustain their success with the age of their team, and I think St.Louis and Altoona has gotten a bit better.altoona_curve

Previous Record: 81-81

Prediction: 83-79

X-Factor: I think this team could be more but big spring training injuries happened. 50 million dollars on the DL between Taillon and Tavares. So I’m most worried about my offense now. Last year I was near the bottom of the HL and now without Tavares it’s pretty much the exact same offense. Molina needs to have a better season than last year especially with the price they paid, plus Kimbrel needs to be the Kimbrel of old for this team to be any better than my prediction.


Previous Record: 75-87

Prediction: 78-84

X-Factor: This team goes yard, often! Also I like STL’s defense. Pitching is the X-Factor. Booger and Thad look to be up this year but history has indicated it might take them a year or few to be productive. I think there park definitely attributes to worse pitching stats but they’ve tailor made their team for their park. I like where this team is heading and absolutely hate playing them While they are at home


Previously Dayton Sting

Previous Record: 68-94

Prediction: 60-102

X-Factor: Just like Vallejo I think they are getting better while being worse in the CBL. New GM Sy is retooling and I think he’s done a good job. Moving Molina, Ramsey, ¬†Arevalo, etc I think the team will struggle this season but I love some of the players he got in return. Aiken could be the GOAT and look for him to continue his reign of dominance. Being Patient and staying the course, I think Manchester a few years down the line could gain the Dayton Sting dominance back.


Justin Zima


General Manager - Philadelphia Liberty


  • Dan Courcelles

    Dan Courcelles, February 15, 2017 @ 10:32 am

    Great article! I think the Curve would have a shot if they didn’t get hurt in Spring Training. Scrappers look good as always.

  • Avatar

    Matthew Wells, February 15, 2017 @ 2:54 pm

    Crazy prediction: STL finishes above REG. I agree that Regina is old and on the decline. MV will run away with the division with ALT’s injury. They still have a good enough team to compete for a WC, but would be surprised it’s the 1st WC like many thought before

    • Justin Zima

      Justin Zima, February 15, 2017 @ 5:10 pm

      I can see STL going over REG. I think REG is getting older and hasn’t retooled much yet. As for my Altoona I’m very disheartened over the recent injuries!

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