The draft is coming and coming soon. No, I am not talking about El Nino or Nina or any other cold front coming to your area. I am speaking of the Amateur Draft. Not just any Amateur Draft. Not a game. I am talking a draft. The 2035 CBL Amateur draft is coming and is an opportunity for all eligible players in high school and college to be able to get a chance of a lifetime. The chance to play in the Continental Baseball League. This years draft pool features 480 high school and 413 college players. 200 players of the over 800 player pool throw left handed and 74 switch hitters. The pool is loaded with great amateur players for the picking. Let’s take a look.

OSA rated these players in the 2035 Continental Baseball League Amateur Draft with 4 stars or above of potential. Ratings posted are OSA potentials.

Hitters (Bats/Throws) (Contact/Gap/Power/Eye/K)
Pitchers (Bats/Throws) (Stuff/Movement/Control)
CL Artie Cooper R/R 5 Stars 100/74/59
CL Dan Tholl R/R 5 Stars 100/58/94
CL Eli Velasquez L/L 5 Stars 100/72/80
CL Lonnie Abing R/R 4.5 Stars 100/57/60
CL Ted Clougherty S/R 4.5 Stars 100/50/79
CL Brad Nelson R/R 4.5 Stars 100/53/54
CL Abel Ottow S/L 4.5 Stars 100/67/74
1B Jose Perez R/R 4.5 Stars 51/97/74/63/42
2B George Wright R/R 4.5 Stars 73/84/79/50/76
LF Jose Ochoa R/R 4.5 Stars 94/54/100/15/51
SP Jamie Pitonyak R/R 4 Stars 100/68/57
3B Kamalamaya Subram R/R 4 Stars 75/84/50/58/85
SS Ruben Velasquez R/R 4 Stars 73/64/97/54/75

13 players made the list above while 8 of them were pitchers. 7 of the 8 pitchers were closers and all have some serious stuff rated at 100. 7 closers. The other pitcher being a starter Jamie Pitonyak (Strong Vincent HS) as he had 100 rated stuff and rated 4 stars. The hitters were represented by one each of the infield positions and only one outfielder who was rated at 100 for power.

Closers will be the hot commodities in this years draft at most of their ages being 21 primed for immediate opportunities to appear in the show.
Lefty closers Eli Velasquez (Miami) and Abel Ottow (Brown) both have some awesome ratings and pedigrees to give their CBL teams quite the showstoppers. Ottow will be most likely to be the first to appear in show. Righties Cooper (USC) and Clougherty (Yale) will both bring the gas as they throw 98+ on the gun being very close to being show ready. 2B George Wright from NC State brings his glove and ability to handle the pill quite nicely for its next respective team. SS Ruben Velasquez (NC State) has some nice hitting to go with the glove as he and Wright are the closest positional players to CBL ready.

Honorable mentions in this years draft:
1B Bobby Grodsky (General Mclane HS)
2B Jim Coester (Girard HS) and Don Degner (Corry Area HS)
SS Marion Trojanowski (Cathedral Catholic HS)
3B Ron Opat (Central HS)
LF Jim Eroh (McDowell HS) and Derek Troiano (Vanderbilt)
CF Jesus Alfaro (Rockford HS) and Tim Walker (Santa Ana)
SP Jaz Albright (Gainesville HS), Alfredo Negron (Hartford HS), Luis Pino (East HS), Brad Romines (Santa Monica HS), Sam Sorrentino (Northwestern HS)
CL Dan Bell (San Francisco HS)

This draft features lots of high schoolers to pick from so teams will be throwing darts at these kids to see which sticks the best to the potentials. The college kids are well represented and can’t be missed. The first two or three rounds should be interesting as to see where everyone lands to try to get the quick fix or gamble on the risk/reward player. One thing for sure it will be filled with lots of excitement and challenges ahead.




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