Giancarlo Stanton Sweepstakes is Over!

After hearing many offers this week Altoona’s RF slugger Giancarlo Stanton is on the move. Giancarlo is heading to the Calagary Mavericks for SP Kris Medlin, SS Andrelton Simmons, RF Grant Heyman, and RP Zach Bird

We caught up with Altoona owner Justin Zima and he said “This was exactly what we wanted in a deal. After many late nights on the phones with the owners across the league its exciting to have found a deal that we feel makes our team instantly better. The biggest part of this deal was obviously Kris Medlin. Medlin has won a lot of games in his CBL career and it’s exciting to have his veteran persence in Altoona. Medlin is a pitcher who’s revered by many across the league and he seems excited to teach our young pitching staff. As for the other chips in this deal we are truly excited to have RF Grant Heyman take over in Right Field. He’s a very hard worker and he wants to be one of the greatest, it obvious with every swing he takes. SS Simmons has one of the best gloves in the league and it’ll be exciting to see how he can teach our young shortstop Reese Cooly. Zach bird was another exciting piece becaus he’s still young and our scout Mariono Rivera loves this kids stuff and composure and it’s exciting to see how he developes.”

Gagne was a lot more simple with his answer “This is a new day in Altoona and I’m happy to see these guys a part of the Curve family. We really spent a lot of time with these players and they are a fun group to be around but also extremely hard working and devoted. It’s sad to see Gennett and Stanton go but justin and I feel great about where our team is at after these deals… GO CURVE!!!

After just a short time it is clear these owners will being making moves that aid their pitching staff. First Gennett now Stanton. This is turning out to be an exciting team to watch

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Tim Imasa

Justin is on a roll! Nice write up man! Better days are coming in Altoona!

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