From Panther to Powder?

“That’s all she wrote!” A popular term coined to confirm the end of something, in this instance, It’s the end of the Portland Panthers era. Their lasting  residence in Portland was monumental in their success and the fans of Portland will hate to see them leave; however, the governor of Oregon was opposed to building a new stadium and overall support with the franchise after low outcomes in fan attendance over the past several seasons, with five straight winning seasons was ultimately the deciding factor. It was speculated that upon the hiring of new General Manager slash Operating Executive, David Pacileo, that the team had been exploring other avenues of a landing spot as he helped facilitate moves for one of the biggest franchises in Japan just a couple of years ago. “It’s with great sadness and remorse that we end such a strong and vilified stay here in Portland, but with that we are beyond excited to announce our partnership with the city of Chicago and with the compliance and assistance of the CBL, we welcome the much anticipated, Chicago Dogs,” Pacileo said at the breaking news press conference. After holding up their new, and might I add fancy, powder blue uniforms for a photo-op and shook the hands of many team and league officials. The end of the era in Portland is over without a single championship obtained, with five straight playoff appearances to end their stay in Portland and an overall record of 1885-1881, leaving at very least a winning percentage to be remembered in Portland.  

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