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Nashville Outlaws

Fire Sale?

Fire Sale?

NASHVILLE — It appears that Scott is looking into the future with certain rumors swirling around in Nashville. A source in the GM’s camp confirmed that star starting pitcher Jameson Taillon is officially being shopped around.

Scott has not had a successful few weeks since gaining the opportunity to run the team. It seems that he has almost every starter on the main club on the trade block. Notable entries off of this list (at the moment for now) are SS Javier Baez, 1B David Denson, CF Christian Yelich and (highly sought after) C Stryker Trahan. At least to this writer, he (Scott) may be keeping onto Stryker because it is such a badass baseball name.

Time will only tell if Jameson’s entry onto the trade block is the first of many to come. Rumor has it that the Outlaws are looking for multiple prospects and will not deal Taillon solo. It appears that he is trying to package another player on the block. Let’s see how quickly the offers begin to roll in.

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Scott Entsminger
Scott Entsminger | General Manager - Traverse City Bullet Club


  1. Tim Imasa

    Nice read, Scottie! Trade deadline just got interesting. I’m sure someone will reach out to you about your SPs soon.

  2. Dan Courcelles

    Great article! Taillon is a great acquisition for anyone looking to contend.

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