Coming off an unexpected playoff push that lead them 1 game short of the Cup, the Seawolves enter 2031 in a retooling offseason. Erie came out of the 2031 draft class feeling like they stole talent in the later rounds. Faced with a huge payroll issues coming off a push 2 seasons ago executives and ownership made a tough choice, rebuild without blowing up the team.

The offseason planning started early in 2031, Gooden was traded away to conference rivals Millers for a package of players some CBL ready while others season or two away. The draft this past year was far and away the best Erie ever had. This was the nail in the coffin for retooling.

First course of business was shedding payroll, Jesus Sanchez $17.8 million, Guem $12.8 million, Morales $4.8 million and Lachappa 700k were all sent to Arrows for Randy Perry. This deal is a complete over pay for Perry if you look at a talent for talent stand point but this deal was shedding salary while getting something back. Arrows are on the fringe close but not yet there, this deal provides them with 2 above average relievers with Sanchez (32) as a solid closer and Lachappa (28) reliever and flexible to spot start. Guem (30) is an underrated OF stud over last 3 seasons going .293/.367 with a .559 slugging, giving him ops of .926 and averaging 4.5 war per year. Juan Morales (24) is probably the one that hurts the most. Started playing in the CBL at age 20 4 years with Erie, many felt he was trending up towards being a 2 to 3 war type player, but the need to add pieces for the Arrows to truly compete required a middle infielder.The trade clears roughly 35 million off the books for ErieĀ  but is also leaves the Arrows with flexibility. Each player in the deal is controllable 2+ years but is also expendable after 2032 via arbitration or team option.

Erie wants to clear Soun and his 25.5 mill year salary and possibly Muddy Waters 8ish million this offseason. The goal is to come back in 2033 with some payroll and some young talent ready to compete.


Stay tunes for more insider information on Erie and other CBL teams.

Peter Gimmons


Doug Trojanowski


General Manager - Erie SeaWolves

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