Fargo Moving To Texas

In a surprise move, the Fargo Nordiques announced today they are moving to China Grove (a sleepy little town, down around San Antone….io).  Citing health issues, and wanting to get to a warmer climate, owner Tomas Salas said it was time for change of scenery. “San Antonio is a growing metropolis (7th in the US and 2nd in TX), and in need of major sports franchises, other than the Spurs. I’m hopeful we can follow in their footsteps with the young talent coming up through the minors”, Salas told reporters at the hastily thrown together news conference. “We have been working with a number of different cities, trying to pick the best one”. Meaning, the one most willing to build a new stadium for them. Only time will tell if this have any impact on the bottom line of the storied franchise.

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Tim Imasa

I love the fact that your franchise is moving back to Texas where they belong. Fans in Richardson City should celebrate, they can finally watch their team again in Texas!

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