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Erie Seawolves

Erie Welcomes New CBL Team

Erie Welcomes New CBL Team

Took years of planning, but finally the City of Erie have a CBL ballclub, the Erie Seawolves. The locals have stated this is a big positive for the community and surrounding region. The economical boom that the new CBL team brings, plus all the visiting teams fans, has a lot of local businesses changing hours and hiring more staff. Cloud 9, a famous restaurant in Erie, now sits across from the new ballpark and owners have been all smiles since.

Few customers chimed in on the new baseball franchise that came to town.

Matt of Millcreek said, “Baseball in Erie is huge around here, with tons of teams from 9u all the way up to college. When rumors of a possible team coming to Erie heated up, many local leagues started to push the local leaders into making this city a prime spot.”

Ethan of Harborcreek touched on some history of Erie. “One of our oldest fields is Ainsworth Field, which has been around since 1914,  Babe Ruth, along with Ruth’s All-Stars visited the ballpark in 1923 to play an exhibition game against the Erie Moose Club. Ruth’s All-Stars won 15-1. Now with a new stadium and pro team here, we can create new memories and help grow the game in our region.”


Erie mayor, Joseph E. Sinnott, spoke to local news outlet WJET-TV 24 about some of the challenges it took to get this team here. “First off, we are very grateful for CBL commissioner and the teams voting to allow us to have a ball team. We had some hurdles with financing this new stadium and setting up the infrastructure to accommodate all the new activity downtown. Once our financial advisers and project planners finalized the plan, we saw how much it would cost to do it but the long term gains from the team being here. Businesses from restaurants to hotels would receive a huge boost, as well as new opportunities for business that comes with having baseball in downtown Erie. Both public and and private sector job creation would grow a ton. Our city’s tourism would receive a huge boost from first time visitors.  Which we feel once they see what else the city offers from Presque Isle State Park,to U.S. Brig Niagara, to our wineries, they will come back again. Overall once that first pitch is thrown in April, game on for the city of Erie.”

The new stadium has some of the most state of the art features. Biggest scoreboard for a professional baseball stadium in the country, free wifi setup to use the CBL’s new All Baseball Access Pass, and self serving draft beer kiosks. The stadium dimensions favor left handed batters and is more favorable to home runs than most stadiums in the CBL.  With the lines down left field and right field at 325 dead center coming in at 405, and the alleys that shoot out to 375.  Fear not of the cold springs in Erie, the stadium has a retractable roof and has natural grass as playing surface.  There is 47,116 seats for a perfect viewing experience, which includes 40 corporate box suites, 300 seat club area and  a kids clubhouse for those young baseball fans to play in while the parents watch.

The city is ready, the park is ready, and the fans are excited, for Opening Day April 5th.


Stadium Grand Opening.





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Doug Trojanowski
Doug Trojanowski | General Manager - Erie SeaWolves


  1. Dan Courcelles

    Erie seems like they will be good Doug. Erik back to Minnie will be awesome as well. Light up some old rivalries from a couple seasons ago. Should be an awesome season! Already set to get back to the playoffs!

  2. Avatar

    Baseball in Erie sounds like a great area to be a kid or a lifelong fan! good luck this season, tell your fans to prepare for the Storm!

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