Now that I have taken the time to learn a bit more about Word Press more articles may be in order in the future. I assure all that it won’t be something that comes from a journalistic expert with any frequency nor will it come with lots of audio or video what what. I will attempt to post content about the Panthers and maybe some league content every once in a while.

Upon completion of our third campaign we are a positive 227-259 record with a .467 winning percentage after the team previously had endured a 63-99 record the year previous to ownership. Honestly, I have no way of knowing how well the organization has been from 2015-2031 other previous records and monies allocated being this being only my fourth season. In these three seasons there have been no preconceptions of the future other just a painter to a new canvas with hopes of a masterpiece down the road. I don’t want to improve the previous works of art in Panther Nation only to commit a new rendering with my thumb print to the franchise. I feel the foundation has been laid and now the work really begins.

The team since my tenure has steadily improved over this period with a slight hiccup the year before. Regardless of outcomes and finishing records the plan still now is to remain on course and see where it takes us. Hopes, dreams, tips, spreadsheets, notes, videos, and in game experiece (solo and online) have all aided in many headaches and happiness. Lots more headaches I’m afraid, especially when it comes to playoff defeats and losses in general. I still don’t have all the answers and efforting to be a better GM than the day before. Being able to handle the rigors of this game on a daily basis is taxing and happens quickly so reacting has a cause and effect. It has been a struggle and the results have been less than favorable.

Mistakes and rebounding from them has been the Panther way. I have deviated slightly from the thought to more of an internal thought. The final product yet to be seen from pillar to post is my goal. My largest opponent is not my CBL mates but to advance past my demons and demonstrate playoff wins. I establish that then all of the trials and tribulations of the above will be worth every bit of grunt work I have done.



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  • Tim Imasa, October 3, 2019 @ 9:00 am

    I’d love to read more of your post, Will! I’m glad you figured out WordPress!

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