Dancouver Danadians Rebrand Recalls Basketball History

December 24, 2048

Vancouver GM Joe Woodring took over in Vancouver a few seasons ago, but never learned the modern technology of blogging until just recently. Or maybe he knew, but didn’t have an account. This offseason Woodring decided to rebrand the Vancouver Canadians in a joking attempt to distance the team from their Dancouver past. (But let’s be honest, “Dancouver” is too funny of a concept to totally leave it behind!)

Going forward, the Vancouver franchise will be known as the Grizzlies, and use logos reminiscent of the original Vancouver Grizzlies who joined the NBA in 1998.

Main logo:Small logo:

The home uniform:

The road uniform:

The ballcap:

All put together for 1B Stan Struchen, the “shoulda been” MVP of 2048:


GM Woodring hopes the new threads will boost fan interest and merchandise sales with a transitional offseason seeing DH Malik Carr and 3B Dirk Gently hit the open market. 

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