CBL Trade Deadline

The proceeding are my opinions and they are known sometimes (not often) to be wrong. lol

Yesterday marks the trade deadline for the CBL, today we take a look at all the moves. (This is my first time trying to do something like this, so hopefully I don’t offend anyone)

Wednesday, July 19th, 2034

The week started with the Minneapolis Milers (who have already made a ton of moves) trading 35-year-old catcher Don Sanders, 20-year-old first baseman Jonathon Fetherston, 19-year-old closer Alan Bekins, 23-year-old starting pitcher Billy Moore and 19-year-old starting pitcher Mitch Haubrich to the Cambridge Pilgrims, getting 28-year-old second baseman Amancio Montarroio and 29-year-old minor league starting pitcher Víctor García in return.

In a 2nd deal, the Minneapolis Millers traded 21-year-old right fielder José Dauenhauer to the Cambridge Pilgrims, getting $1 in cash in return.

My Thoughts: The Milers are going all in to win this season. Their fans have to love that, as long as it works. If it doesn’t work, it may kill their farm system for a few seasons. Montarroio is a nice addition to the Milers.

As for the Bauenhauer deal, wonder if he can turn into the CBL’s version of the NHL’s Kris Draper who went on to play 1,137 games over 17 seasons with the Red Wings and was a member of four Stanley Cup champion teams after being traded from the the Winnipeg Jets for $1.

Tuesday, July 25th, 2034

The Fargo Nordiques traded 21-year-old minor league starting pitcher Ed Nicklaus, 20-year-old minor league first baseman Kel Ranta and 16-year-old minor league third baseman Sergio Herrera to the Cambridge Pilgrims, getting 38-year-old first baseman Steve Beck, 36-year-old first baseman Don Smith and $5,250,000 in cash in return.

My Thoughts: Cambridge is getting much younger with this deal, trading off two guys on the downswing at the age of 36 & 36 retrospectively. Granted those two guys are very good players but for how much longer? I think the winner of this trade in the future will be Cambridge, for this season if Beck and Smith can produce a bit more in the 2nd half, it could help the Nordiques contend.

The Austin Bats traded 19-year-old starting pitcher Ed Balent to the Cambridge Pilgrims, getting 27-year-old reliever Jorge Villa in return.

My Thoughts: the Pilgrams are getting younger. But Villa has little bit higher upside.

In trade 1 of 2, the San Diego Surf Dawgs traded 20-year-old minor league closer Chuck Evans, 22-year-old minor league shortstop Steve Lupian, 34-year-old starting pitcher Juan Jose Acosta, 19-year-old minor league starting pitcher Henry Trojanowski and 20-year-old minor league left fielder Chris Levens to the Philadelphia Liberty, getting 27-year-old center fielder Michael Jordan, retaining 50% in return.

And in the 2nd trade he San Diego Surf Dawgs traded 20-year-old minor league left fielder Adrián Valdéz, 22-year-old minor league starting pitcher Joe Fiducia, 21-year-old minor league center fielder Greg Adams and 18-year-old minor league closer Jesús Delgado to the Philadelphia Liberty, getting 29-year-old starting pitcher Tomás Núñez, retaining 30% in return.

My Thoughts: the Surf Dawgs and Liberty actually made two seperate trade’s. The 2nd one is below but for my thoughts, I’ll keep them as two separate trades.

My Thoughts: Wow, that’s alot of players changing teams. Treating them as separate trades to start, the Surf Dawgs got robbed in the first one. Giving up 5 prospects and one of them being Pitcher Chuck Evans. Evans is 5 star 20 year prospect currently playing for the Princeton Rays of the ASL. Evans becomes the #7 overall prospect of the Liberty and #3 ranked Pitcher. Sure the Surf Dawgs got back MJ and he himself is a good player (4 star/4 potential) and is only 27. However he does have a massive salary of $30,500,000 until 2038. Granted Philadelphia is retaining 50% in return.

Now on to the 2nd trade. I think this one is a much closer trade. Núñez is a nice addition to the starting rotation. And in my opinion, could make a nice Ace of the rotation. Of the 4 prospects the Liberty got in return, the most notable is Adrián Valdéz. A 20 year old 4 star SS prospect currently for the Princeton Rays of the ASL. Overall I think the Surf Dawgs won the 2nd trade. If Núñez can pitch the way I expect, could be a great pick up for San Diego.

In the last trade of the day, the Philadelphia Liberty traded 31-year-old second baseman Bernardo Pérez to the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, getting 25-year-old minor league starting pitcher Ismael Mateo, 24-year-old minor league left fielder Daniel Guzmán and 27-year-old reliever Srdjan Antic in return.

My Thoughts: That’s alot for the Scrappers to give up to get 31 year old second baseman Bernardo Pérez. Perez has had a great year so far, with a .338/.375/.409 stat line with 3HR and 22RBI in 77 games. But the Scrappers did give up two 4 star prospects (OF Daniel Guzmán  & P Srdjan Antic) to do it. My personal opinion, I don’t see Pérez being worth it in the long run. Hopefully it pays off for the Scrappers this season.

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Erik Voldness

I enjoyed the article a lot, Jeffrey! I think it might make sense in the future to count those “separate” trades as one big trade, though. OOTP only allows 5 players to be traded per team per trade, so giving up Dauenhauer for $1 is actually part of my first trade. Just like SD “getting robbed” in the first trade, but only because the deal was simply set that way to let OOTP process it. It’s essentially one big deal, which would change the “review” but all in all I really enjoyed the article and the format. Keep them coming!!

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