Player Spotlight

Tyler Kolek Getting a Second Chance at Big League Stardom

When Tyler Kolek arrived via trade to the Syracuse Orange organization expectations were high. And they should be. The 6’5″ Kolek is a GM’s fantasy with his 101 mph fastball that seemingly makes batters hit the pitch into the ground if they’re able to make contact. After putting up solid numbers for a 20 year old in the closest level to the CBL Kolek was expected to put a lot of time in for Syracuse this season, GM Gary Currier stated before the season he would start off in AAA Fort Lauderdale to work out some kinks and give him a chance to dominate a level before he was brought to the show, and that’s exactly what Kolek did. Kolek started off the AAA season with a 6-3 record with an ERA under 2.50 striking out almost 8 batters per 9 innings while walking only...

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