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Fast Start For Seawolves In 2031 Offseason

Erie,Pa Coming off an unexpected playoff push that lead them 1 game short of the Cup, the Seawolves enter 2031 in a retooling offseason. Erie came out of the 2031 draft class feeling like they stole talent in the later rounds. Faced with a huge payroll issues coming off a push 2 seasons ago executives and ownership made a tough choice, rebuild without blowing up the team. The offseason planning started early in 2031, Gooden was traded away to conference rivals Millers for a package of players some CBL ready while others season or two away. The draft this past year was far and away the best Erie ever had. This was the nail in the coffin for retooling. First course of business was shedding payroll, Jesus Sanchez $17.8 million, Guem $12.8 million, Morales $4.8 million and Lachappa 700k were a...

Howlers – Saturday, July 27 – Christmas in July | Winter Cap Giveaway

Saturday, July 27, the SeaWolves are transformed into the Erie SnowWolves on Christmas in July presented by Arlens Company. The first 1,000 fans will receive a SnowWolves winter cap. Fans can enjoy $3 specials on select domestic draft beers exclusively in the Bud Light Beer Garden until the game starts. After the game, stick around for autographs with C. Wolf and a SeaWolves player in the Team Store thanks to Tlyler Entry Systems.

Howlers – Thursday, May 2nd – Summer Camp Day

The Howlers wrap up the series with the Arrows at 7:05 p.m. The SeaWolves welcome guests from area day camps, senior centers, and businesses for this special mid-week matinee. It’s also a AAA Member Wednesday. AAA members can present their card to save $2 off any regularly priced ticket to this game. If Seawolves sweep the Broken Arrows in the two game series all camp members get a free pizza from Grandpa John’s Pizza on west 38th the next day.

Erie Seawolves Buck Night April 22nd

Join the Erie Seawolves April 22nd against Vancouver Canadians for Buck Night sponsored by NPC Bank, gates open at 6:00 pm and first pitch at 7:05pm. Dollar Bud Light,Smith hot dogs, and pop corn will be the special tonight. Following the game watch live fireworks provided by NPC BANK over the center field fence. Please be aware fans in the left field sections 200 to 210 and center field 211 to 222 will have to move before the fireworks due to the possibility of wind. We hope to see you there! Go Seawolves.    

Meet C. Wolf!

Have you met C. Wolf (Sea Wolf)? If you have, you know him as the only talking mascot in the world! He is a fun, fanged inviting friend without a hint of ferociousness. This 19 year-old loveable creature lives on Presque Isle and prowls the waters of Lake Erie off of Presque Isle Bay. C. Wolf has been the Erie SeaWolves mascot and a fan favorite since 2021! At that time, C. Wolf protected Erie from Knights, Outlaws and Beach Bums as part of the Frontier East League In 2029 when the SeaWolves moved to Frontier Conference in the CBL, C. Wolf made some new foes. He now protects Erie from Surf Dawgs, Knights and Candians. C. Wolf ruled the waters of Lake Erie as the SeaWolves have been under attack throughout the years! He does have a lot of other friends from Erie like the Smith’s Wiene...

Seawolves Bank On The Wolves Day

Before Wednesday game against the San Diego Smurf Dogs Surf Dawgs, Erie Seawolves and NPC Bank hosted 1st annual Bank On The Wolves Day. Fans and players gathered a hour before the game to sign autographs, take pictures and do meet and greets. Kids from around the city of Erie came to run the bases and participate in a homerun derby with Seawolves mascot C. Wolf. Starting pitchers Garrett Gooden,Jose Camacho and closer Matt LaChappa gave fans demonstrations on how to pitch and signed baseballs to kids as part of “Strike Out Hunger” campaign. Infielders Teruhiko Nakagawa, Juan Morales and outfielder Muddy Waters work with another group of kids on hitting in a new campaign to “Crush Drugs”. Both campaigns are apart of a new strategy that the city of Erie,Erie Seawolve...

The Importance Of June 8th

This date is an important one for every CBL team, but more important is to understand the importance of rounds 2 – 7. Round 1 gets all the hype and glory but championships and teams are built in rounds 2 – 7.  There are hidden gems, long term projects and valuable trade pieces that come out of the later rounds. Most trades always involve a main piece, whether its a superstar, a future superstar or a talented player on one team that fills a valuable spot on another. These trades rarely happen on a 1 for 1 situation, most are filled with role players or future projects. These extra players are key to any successful team, whether used in a trade or grown through the farm system and most of these players are picked in rounds 2  to 7. Taking a look we can see what the power of havin...

Seawolves 2024 Postseason Hype Video

Ready Or Not Here Come The Seawolves!!!!!!!!!!

The Man From Dix Hills

Erie,PA. Every spring a hand full or so men get the call, a chance to play in the C.B.L. For most that dream ends as their spring training invite expires.  During that same time, fringe players battle it out,play by play, hoping to prove their worth to stay in the league that is notoriously difficult to stay in. This year is no different for the man from Dix Hills, a former first round and 20th overall pick of the 2018 draft.  Those days of dominating the collegiate level are long gone, a life time .293/.354/.485 player,means little 6 years into your professional career in the C.B.L.  NC State University all-time hits and doubles leader means even less now, in the face of C.B.L. competition. The only player ever to make it out of Dix Hills, NY and into the C.B.L., the pressure has always b...

Q&A with GM of the Seawolves.

10:30 pm Erie,Pa. All but one light, a desk lamp, is turned on in the executive offices of the Erie Seawolves.  Given to the team by a local Erie,PA manufacturing firm congratulating the team for moving to Erie. On the walls in the hallway, that leads to this dimly light office, hangs visual reminders of what this team and this organization means to the city. In that office sits three men as the cold winter night rages on outside. GM Trojanowski, Assistant GM Morales and special adviser of baseball personnel Primo Sparazza sit discussing the past, present and future of the ball club. This past season was just like the one before it, ending in letdown. As competition grew in the division and the league, the Seawolves seem to be stuck unable to grab momentum. Its the job of the three men to ...

The Year Is 2022…Welcome To The Year Of SeaWolves

  Year of epic baseball action, the year we go BIG, BIG, BIG. Wake up and smell the competition.  The Erie Seawolves of 2022 are here to play, will you? The Seawolves are ready to roll with Odorizzi,Fellow,Hunter,Mckinney and lets not forget Baker. Odorizzi, throughout spring training has been a a steady presence in the starting rotation.  Ask a few weeks back how does it feel to be the anchor, the veteran on the team, he simply replied, “Bring It.” It’s that follow me presence that has the pitching staff amp’d for a strong 2022. Add to the fact that Jameson Taillon commented how this staff is the strongest group he has ever been in. Its no wonder the pitching staff has a sign in the bullpen…”No Sea pups allowed”. Sea pups…….its an...

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