Austin Bats CBL

CBL’s Austin Bats Living Up To Nickname

In a recent study by Amazon Sports Network, it was revealed that the average CBL team goes through an astounding

Austin Bats CBL

Trouble in Bat City

With nicknames of Bat City, Waterloo, City Of The Violet Crown to name a few, Austin might have a new

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Gallo/Miller Rivarly Hits New Heights

Late last week in a game between the Austin Bats and Altoona Curve, Joey Gallo sprinted towards a Shelby Miller

Austin Bats CBL

The Mysterious Circumstances of Hanley Ramirez

It was mid-June. The Austin Bats were in the thick of another tough divisional race, and general manager Trey needed

Austin Bats

Votto to see “self help” guru

Breaking News – Austin, TX  All early signs predicted that Joey Votto would have a break-out season in the CBL. 

Austin Bats

2015 Austin Bats Outlook

Austin, TX…..Bats kick off the new year, and expectations are running high. Coming off a year where the team finished last

Austin Bats

Bats have landed in Austin!

2:15 pm, Austin, TX…During a press conference today at Austin Community College, the city’s newest sports franchise was unveiled.  New ownership