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Big Changes in Manchester

Big Changes in Manchester

There have been some big changes in Marauder Nation this week as the team hired new GM, Matt Bowling to take over the team. However, fans throughout New Hampshire were incredulous that a GM with so little experience would be hired to take over this big-market ballclub. One fan standing in line outside Bartlett Field before Friday’s game asked, “Bowling? Who has ever heard of this guy? This is baseball, not candlepin and we need someone with experience.” Nevertheless, Bowling shrugged off such criticism, pointing to a fine career as a high school pitcher and mentioning the day he won $300 on Draft Kings.

Bowling was quick to shake up the lineup, prevailing on team Manager Billy Traber to install budding prospect Cal Ripken III at shortstop and to move Sergio Ramirez over to second. Fans did seem pleased with this move, perhaps recalling Ripken’s famous father. A few Marauder faithful climbed up to the top of the factory building that stands behind the home park’s left field wall and hung up an enormous “2” sign on what looked like about 10 bedsheets tied together. Apparently, they have begun counting the number of consecutive games the younger Ripken has now played in, although it’s clearly a long way to the 2,632 game record of the famous iron man father. But sure enough, they were back the next night with a “3” sign and they had graduated from bedsheets to a white plastic tarp.

There are also rumors that Bowling is anxious to see the retirement of one Marauder. Jackson Gillis is making $30 million each of the next two years to apparently pitch in middle relief. Gillis came into the clubhouse on Friday to find a rocking chair planted in front of his locker. On Saturday some practical joker had thrown some spikes over the door of his locker and scrawled “time to hang ‘em up?” in chalk on the locker door. Gillis was not amused. “I’ve earned every penny of this contract and I’ll be damned if anyone forces me out the door. Besides I really need to add a pink Rolls Royce to my antique British car collection,” he said. Bowling had no comment on the matter but on Sunday, someone had placed a walker for seniors in front of Gillis’s locker and written in black sharpie, “property of Old Man Gillis.”


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Matt Bowling
Matt Bowling | General Manager - Manchester Marauders


  1. Tim Imasa

    Good read, Matt!

    Father time caught up on Gillis. He used to be one of the top SP in CBL. I thought he’d be good until he’s 40 since he’s pretty durable. Let’s pray that he retires early to give you some salary relief soon.

    • Matt Bowling

      Yes, we may have to start turning off the hot water in the shower when he’s in there until he gets the message. 🙂

      • Tim Imasa

        Have you tried him in the pen? Looks like his stamina dropped bigtime. He’s putting up good numbers though in 1-2 innings. Plus, he’s a good clubhouse guy. It’s probably good that he’s with your team. I’m telling you, being a good leader has an effect in this game–at least in my opinion.

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